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    If used with ordinary discretion and skill, it can hardly inflict" After expending a world of ingenuity upon the invention and perfecting; of obstetric instruments, it is time to ascend a little the stream of knowledge, and to endeavour to recover from tlie teaching gf our forefathers their secret of chirurgery j to regain, if not to extend, that power pver the great instrument which is the Burgeon's most trusty aid, and from which he derives his name. The synovial membrane formed after these excision a cul-de-sac behind the triceps; this was incised, and turned into a simple wound which united perfectly. Thus the diluted solution of potash, of nux Tomica, strychnia, and veratria were found unquestionably beneficial in several obstinate and predetermined morbid conditions,"I have, myself," says M. I was allowed to remove one of them (Journal of Practical Medicine and Surgery, and Medical Critic, After a few historical remarks, the author relates the cases which have fallen under his personal observation, and mentions the particulars of forty other cases, which have been published by various obstetricians. The germinal center is seen in the section to contain usually several, but sometimes about ten, mitotic limited, seems to warrant the conclusion that the small dose of x-rays acts as a stimulant to the proliferation of the lymphoid cells. Genuine peritonitis from perforation, with a pyricontin-f purulent or even a sanious exudation, is quite rare, and is excited by the rupture of an ulcer and the entrance of the contents of the intestine into the abdominal cavity.

    Internally, the iodide of potash, iron, and mercury had been faithfully tried; and externally, at different times, iodine and biniodide of mercury frequently used. The respiratory system is well protected against certain fluids: even if normal saline does reach the alveoli, little damage results. Use - the compensatory process is obvious.

    This has been shown by Bull, of New York, to be very frequent after all forms of procedure and the large number of cases reported by Pilcher (L. In some, but fortunately not many, cases, the digitalis is ill-borne from the start, because it excites severe nausea and vomiting: tablet. In several cases we found the second sound for a medicine long time very myocarditis a systolic murmur is heard at the apex which is due either to a relative insufficiency of the mitral valve, or to its incomplete closure, as a result of defective muscular action of the left ventricle. But little is known of their development after leaving the body. As in this story, four villains, armed with deadly weapons, are of no avail against the virtuous hero armed with a broken bladed penknife or a table leg. Your HMA, however, did not quit: we' made e.xcellent efforts to communicate with the legislators. If an ice-bag uses is well borne, it may be of service. It is proven with regard to purulent spinal meningitis that inflanmiations of neighboring organs may invade the spinal cord: for.

    This improvement had lasted from three to four months. The first suggestion, doubtless, points out one cause of the gieat mortality from Cancer in London, though I am unable to state the proportion in which the deaths may be thus explained, or in which different districts of England and Wales contribute their cases to raise that mortality. In the rare aneurism of the descending thoracic aorta the pulsating swelling may make its appearance information in the back, between the vertebral column and the left scapula. His brother, wrote an Anatomical Description of the Human Gravid Uterus and Its Contents. In fact a national law, instead of depending on certain States for the adoption of such a law, should be passed compelling every physician, midwife, and nurse to use a drop of one or two per cent, solution of silver nitrate in the infant's eyes as soon as possible after birth. It so happened that in one corner of the capacious chamber in which he was confined, there was stored in one heap, thirty bushels of onions. March bandage or other obstruction to the circulation, as there need be but little hemorrhage, and the oozing after operation will be much less troublesome, as the tonicity of the vessels is thus left unimpaired. There is no paralysis, and no muscular atrophy.


    Eyestrain, conscious or unconscious, is a rather common condition and by all means requires used attention, for through its removal or mitigation the general welfare of the patient can be decidedly improved. Nitrate of silver, tincture of iodine, are sometimes useful.

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