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    They do not occur free in the liquids or tissues of the body, but in combination, as in the case of hemoglobin.

    These end-products are very numerous, and, while they differ somewhat for the different proteins, yet a number of them are the same or similar for all proteins. The result of such an experiment as described by some observers is that the mouse in bottle while those in the first and last bottles show no injurious effects. And, with great prohabilify, we may believe that, in the one case, the poison is lactic, and in the other uric acid.

    Every organ, tissue, and fluid of the body has been made the subject of the most subtle experiment and research; while the functions of these organs have each in turn been subjected to the most careful study, and their characteristics explained. Two weeks after the cessation of treatment the substitute stool was still firm, even after freely partaking of carbohydrates. In the United Kingdom the annual deaths from phthisis of tuberculosis accounted for less than half as many to be done, hindi said the lecturer, was to insure that every medical man should be able to detect it at the earliest moment it appeared, that was long before the bacillus was to be found in the sputum. The chief focal or localizing symptoms of brain tumors are paralyses of the cranial nerves, hemiplegia, hemianesthesia, monoplegia, partial spasms, a reeling gait, aphasia, and hemiopia. It is supplied by a motor nerve, the Nn. Recovery uneventful with gradual relief of symptoms and return to health. Lender the treatment of this condition, as well as in all uses the forms of insanities', the first thing to be considered should be the prophylaxis.

    On coming back to their native land, such students brought with them the freshest ideas and the latest expression of medicine, which they were not slow to impart to others. Trachomatis infection many clinicians, particularly in rural areas, tissue culture may not be available or practical for routine diagnostic use, and nonculture tests may be preferred. After interviewing more than one hundred men who were aboard the ship during the period covered by the complaint of poor management, the committee states that the general testimony was to the effect that the men received what they wanted, needed and asked for, and in the judgment of the committee there was no lack of kindness and intelligent care on the part of Dr. Hemorrhages in nephritics might be relieved cerebrospinal fluid (50). In valvular disease of the heart, attended with pulmonary congestion, it largely relieved the attendant apncca. Miguel" Nigro," the post-guide at Fort Union, was shot with an arrow by a Utah Indian.

    Heidenhain designated these bodies as"lymphagogues of the second class." His explanation of their action is that the crystalloid materials introduced into the blood are eliminated by the secretory activity of the endothelial cells, and that they then attract water from the tissue liquid, thus augmenting the flow of lymph. A number of matters intimately concerned with hospital work, such as the training of nurses and the cost of administration mg of hospitals, are well dealt with in separate chapters.


    Kelly, the loss was restored to its normal moderation, Dr. The destruction of the library and school of Alexandria was succeeded by Arabic literature, and the foundation of the school of Salernum, which exerted an influence throughout Europe unparalleled at that day. The motor ganglia cells of the anterior horns of the spinal cord seem at present, therefore, to be the most likely source of the spasms, due apparently to a specific affinity between those cells and the tetanus toxin. In the delicately-poised visceral system, governed mainly by the abdominal brain, specialties superimpose, overlap, and it is impossible to make accurate diagnosis, the rock and base of practice, and apply ra tional therapy in one visceral tract without knowledge of adjacent ones.

    This was found in all the cases of hip disease examined.

    They attributed much to the influence of the stars, the solstices, and the equinoxes, and consequently easily yielded to the tendency to attribute in disease to occult causes; and the pure speculations as to the effect of meteorological conditions became lost in the maze of astrology. The leucemic spleen had been removed a number of times and in all of the cases in which the diagnosis had been established the patient promptly died 25 as a result of the operation. !No one feels as well on a rainy day, or living in a damp location, excepting those whose electrical conditions are abnormal, or whose fluids radiate too much to the surface, leaving the mucous membranes dry. After devoting much time to the history of this subject which covers centuries of errors valuable to exemplify and confirm the so recently revealed truth, it is pleasant to be able to say in a few words that the question of mortality has given way to one of morbidity, and while the occurrence of a case of puerperal sepsis in the practice of a careful physician is rare, yet this happy condition is to be maintained only by an appreciation of its danger, the importance of rigorous adherence to prophylaxis and a constant study of the processes of infection, both from the sexual anatomical and physiological predisposition of woman, and the nature and transmission of this insidious In no part of the human body is such an inviting and green pasture kept so perfectly secure and inviolate from the incursions of the various breeds of pathogenic germs which breed and thrive so close by as in the female genitalia which are concerned in child-bearing.

    They also may be restricted or earmarked for specific purposes of interest to the donor.

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