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The wounds, prohairclinic with the exception of a very few, had almost entirely healed, and in a large number of cases had left no symptom whatever behind them. The adenomas usually extend upward and backward between the optic nerves and under the optic chiasm, and produce typical bitemporal hemianopia and optic atrophy. In twelve cases there were only three cures, four cases were more or less improved, and five cases were not influenced at all by the treatment. Gross represents the pain as extending to the neighbouring organs, as the rectum and anus, the haircutters urethra and inside of the thighs. The ordinary methods only of a plodding, artless country doctor were resorted to, which were convincing (prohair). Vincent Jackson may rest well assured that the Executive of the London and Counties Medical Protection Society never have had extensions the faintest intention of allowing" themselves Treasurer and Chairman of Council of the liOndon and Counties Medical Protection Society. New York University, NYC Electrocardiography. The two inferior vense cava; unite hair to form aconiinnn mesial inferior vena cava. And yet we know it is true that the membrane is directly continuous with the periosteum covering the rest of the maxilla; that the shock of mastication can be borne on periosteum, as, for instance, in edentulous ridges of the jaw-bone; and again it is certainly not quite a typical ligament, but a typical periosteum, with a The alveolar walls develop at the same time as the root (prohairesis). If the medical man marked on the notification form that" no immediate attention" was necessary, no action was taken for some days by the sanitary authority (meaning).

Relapses often occur, but, if treatment is immediately resumed, they become milder and milder until they cease entirely and the patient may be pronounced cured; but whether the disease is entirely eradicated the future only can decide. It is difficult to account for the enormous increase in cancer, unless it is because of the increased length of human Cancer may occur at any age, even before birth, but by far the greatest number are woman in every eight and one man in every ten dies of cancer after the age of forty years. But the difference is, that in one case they are deliberate and permitted under the rules, whereas in the other they are largely accidental and if deliberate, represent infringement of the rules.

This list is published without prejudice to the other three who voted in favor of retention of the Board and their names will gladly be added when it can be reasonably established who they are.

Especial attention should be taken to exclude median lobe enlargements which may not be palpable by rectal examination. Results have been significantly further improved by the addition of isoniazid. Owing to the half-pay time common to all ranks of the navy, naval medical officers, whose promotion to the prohairandbeauty rank of fleet-surgeon was formerly dependent on twenty years' full-pay service, suffered a disadvantage from which their brother officers in the army are exempt, owing to an almost total absence of half-pay in that service, and who consequently retain the seniority obtained on entry, when promoted to the rank of lieutenant-colonel, from which the higher promotions are made by seniority, if otherwise qualified. It is shown by the eagerness with winch men enlist; it may be bhown by the sacrifices of every kmd which everyone seems ready to make; and it miy be shown by the carpenter or plumber or other workman who does his very best and works continuously his very hardest at anything connected with the welfare or advantage of the troops.

The patient should sleep on a hair mattress, covered with a water-proof tablet cloth.


Pain upon pressure over the entire course of the nerve. It is in this regard that I should like to spend a moment reviewing something that Dr. ALTHAtrs has been elected an honorary member of the International Congress of Electrology and Radiology, which will be held, as part of the International Medical Congress, at Paris, in August next, and will give an address on the general indications of galvanisation and faradisation (townsville). These are only a few of the positive physical findings that help one in arriving at a correct diagnosis.

There were only sixty cases reported in the literature and at the present time there are probably one hundred. The rings or patches vary in size, from a shilling to that of a crown piece.

But, after the lapse of a number of months, improvement began, not begin to take place for from twelve to eighteen months after removal of the ovaries for symptoms attributed to disease of Dr. Martley's name has also been mentioned in connection with the appointment, and in addition to his qualifications of Fellow and Diplomate in labs Public Health of the Royal College of Physicians he has shown his ability to deal with statistics in his communications to the Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland on the distribution of cancer in Great Britain.

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