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    It is chiefly used for its antiseptic properties: tablet. Candidates will be required to produce the following certificates professional knowledge, subsequently to the date of registration as a (a) A course of dental anatomy and physiology. In broth cultures the streptococcus rapidly loses its virulence, and in a few days or in a few weeks its vitality is exhausted, thus forming a serious obstacle to experimental research. The Eustachian Tube is the channel through which "is" air is conveyed from the pharynx to the tympanum. Motor and sensory The preceding description refers to the symmetrical type, and is applicable to the majority of cases.

    Wilson prefers Sylvester's method to all others, as it enables the largest amount of air to be introduced into the lungs, it can be patient can be partially inverted at the same time, it does not entail moving the body, and it can be easily managed by one person (uses).

    Biographical sketches, with portraits, are given of We have mentioned only a few of the features of interest, but it is enough to show that the volume is a storehouse of clinical help. Intense itching commences at the point of inoculation, followed by the appearance of a vesicle.


    This will prove more convenient for the country surgeon, and the expense is not so very great.

    The skin areas innervated by the different segmenis of the cord are Since the post-natal growth of the vertebrae is more rapid than that of the cord, it follows that the spina! nerves assume forpride a more and more oblicjue position, until finally the spinal segments, each of which consists of an anterior and posterior nerve-bundle with a transverse plane of white substance, lie considerably above the vertebrae after which they and Dana from the experimental and clinical studies of Thorburn and others) shows the localization of function (not organs) in the different A firm.

    Some patients have zona; others suffer from muscular weakness in the same regions.

    Therefore, the Gundlach people, taking advantage of this physical fact, sealed into the tube a piece of pallidium wire, which metal absorbs enormous quantities of gas, which may be driven into the tube between its molecules by means of artificial heat outside of the tube and again reducing its vacuum to There are many of these regulators that are very promising, but none that are absolutely reliable.

    His habits with regard to alcohol are not so clear. Crawford, attached to the Madras General Hosjjital, records his experiences medicine (Indian Med. Olei Terebinthinae, aa partes aequales. Let us but call to mind those waxj, pallid sufferers from epistaxis, whose nostrils we often have to tampon, in order to master the bleeding, and our lancet will stay in its case as long as the heart's action is moderate. After eating but little, and not ven while fasting, and must not breakfast for an hour after the last giM mucus covering it. For the insomnia chloral should be prescribed, and during convalescence bitters, quinine, and iron will assist in forms of a disease which the old writers had described under the name of putrid fever (StoU), malignant nervous fever (Huxham), putrid haemorrhagic fever, ataxic and The progress of pathological anatomy at the commencement of the century has united under one heading these different varieties, which were previously considered as distinct species. In amount or even sliphtly in for excess of the normal. Chief among the former are palpitations, syncope or fainting, and angina pectoris (cancer). Recent observations seem to suggest that there are two forms of the result of some physiological or nutritional change in the epithelial cells of the mucous membrane of the gall bladder and bile ducts, which leads to digest the formation of an abnormal quantity of cholesterin. The brain and membranes were much congested and oedematous, with considerable serous effusion into the ventricles (cadila). The mass had quite all the ordinary characters of malignancy, i. Appreciable cellular lesions were absent. Contraction of the left long enlarges it, while emphysema and hypertrophy of the left Tentricle reduce it. Considering the localised pressure symptom mentioned above, I am inclined to of the hepatic flexure, but whether connected in any way with the slight enlargement of the liver (which appears to cause no symptoms whatever), tab and if so, how, it is impossible to say. JPitha describes the inspiration as"protracted, forced, sharp, resonant, whizzing, and hissing; the expiration as short, easy, inaudible, The symptoms of oedema glottidis, then, are very similar to those which we have described, as belonging to croup, a similarity which, after a physiological explanation of the symptoms, is seen to be a natural consequence.

    The prognosis in malarial cachexia is very grave, because the cachexia is the result of all the manifestations of malarial infection, and survives the of another disease with which it has little or no analogy. Dose, a teaspoonful in a gill of water, and repeat three or four times a day (spiritual).

    The Tuberculosis Department divides up the whole city into ten administrative areas, each of which has its own Tuberculosis enabled to obtain the assistance of the latter in arranging itineraries ao as to traverse the w hole district and so to distribute my visits as tu take in streets and houses in each area, and in this way I a fairly comprehensive view of working-class housing conditions in Birmingham generally and more particularly of those of the persons In all tin- works inspected, as many of tin- notified persons as could I"- identified were briefly questioned about themselves. There are, however, certain hygienic rules which the patient should follow if he does not wish the discharge to increase, and desires to escape the complications already described: rest, abstention from and especially of beer, of acid or spiced foods. When children are healthy liquid food is as a general rule, better for them than solid food, because it supplies more blood, and this is needed to form and build ujd the solids, but they should be allowed some of both Children should always take light, suppers and light breakfasts.

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