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    Many practitioners who are consulted by elderly people for ulcers of the tongue are in the habit of cauterizing the sore freely with nitrate of silver or other caustic; this is a most pernicious custom, and one which, while it does no good, may do infinite harm; for, should the ulcer be cancerous, it only aggravates it, and it may excite cancer in an ulcer which is of a simple, non-malignant effects character, by the continued irritation. In all of these cases the water is rapidly absorbed and transported to the thirsty tissues and general thirst is for thus assuaged, followed rapidly by an alleviation of local thirst. There is a Sense of uneasiness, distress or"stagnation" in tlie stomach region, as it is sometimes called by the patient. This he has unconsciously done no doubt for ages, but I urge the conscious application of the principles of mental therapeutics to a greater degree than has been practised heretofore..

    IT With berclyd men he -wyll not drynke, Bycause it doth in theyr berdes synke; The cause therof, ye may soone thynke, His berde in Maunders ones dyd stynke, IT Some berdes, he saith, doth grow a pace, To hyde an euyll coleryd face; In fayth, his had an homlye grace, When he was in that dronkyn case. Every thing, on the contrary, tends rather to prove that, during the latter period of the disease, such irritations occur but very rarely. It contains the following solids: Potassium bicarbonate, calcium bicarbonate, drops lithium bicarbonate, magnesium bicarbonate, magnesium sulphate, sodium sulphate, silica, alumina. Antipneumococcic serum has been employed in many cases, with good results in some and without seeming results in others. A certain degree of pressure stye is to be exerted by the thumb on? the malleolus externus. When you contemplate going abroad for postgraduate studies, are you not cautioned that it is largely waste of time to go to a foreign country with the language of which you have not a fair acquaintance, lest the whole of the time you can allow yourselves, be entirely taken up in learning enough of the language to profit by the teaching, even though you place yourselves under the most favorable circumstances by living en pension and mingling as much as your ignorance will permit with natives? But there is an even greater difficulty.

    It may also be noted that chromatin is a product of katabolism which, as has been suggested, may predispose to the disease in persons over the age of forty. Corpora acetate quadrigemina and the parts surrounding the fourth ventricle, are usually little disturbed. The swelling is firm and elastic, and there is no superficial discoloration, so that it may readily cats be mistaken for a cyst.

    Draft of a law to regulate the practice of pharmacy and the sale of poisons, and to prevent the adulteration of drugs and medicines (injection). They have lotemax been her glory, but also her misfortune. Representatives of the Surgeon-General's office thought it best to take the advice of rei)rescntative workers for the civil blind in working out a system of training. France is taking stock of her assets and liabilities, as they have been shaped through the war. His limb was shortened, only with crutches, and under these circumstances came to the city From this history, and the appearance of the parts upon his admission, it appeared that the fracture of the tibia had occurred, two the fracture in the tibula was also very oblique, and just above that part which enters into the composition of the joint; after the accident the upper fragment of the fibula had slipped down upon the outer side of the lower, so as to resemble on a superficial inspection, the external malleolus; and in this situation a firm ligamentous union had taken place before the process of exfoliation was completed in the tibia, the fragments of which were thus kept so widely separated, that nature was unable to repair the injury by a deposite of osseous matter. Du mecauisnie de la rupture de l'intestin cost par Angeblich nach Fussstb'ssen gegen den Unterleib zuriickgebliebenes Harntraufeln; Zusammenhang nicht (B.) Neue Beobachtungeu iiber Zerreissung wichtiger unmittelbare Eolgeeiner Misshandlung. , and physicians are used in New York and Chicago, while Philadelphia has physicians only. Watson Martixdale, of Camden, said that in those who had not had the test of previous labor, labor might go on without interference, even if there was considerable pelvic deformity. We are in hearty accord with the attempt of Dr. I have seen a number of them since the war began, it is a false ulcer, you brought it on yourself. (Amussat.) on the recent extensive scale, is in any degree less than that of following lithotripsy are not more numerous than those following lithotomy.


    Doctor Gray is a man of wide experience with calcium sulphide, so, when he says that it is useful in that disease, you can depend upon it that he knows, for, no man has used more of it than has our old friend Living exclusively on fruits for a day or two is "dogs" an excellent way to cleanse and disinfect the alimentary canal as much as it can be. ) vs Beitrag zur Casuistik uud Literatur Amaurosis in pregnancy and the puerperal state. Nothing shows the important part which latent side tuberculosis plays more strikingly than the statistics of prison tuberculosis. This change was followed by an almost instantaneous improvement in her general health, and she was soon after enabled to undergo the fatigues of a long journey, which The foregoing cases I have given in detail, because they exhibit, in a convincing manner, the great utility of electro-galvanism where all other remedies had failed; and (as in the last one) where the dis ease was of such duration as to afford but little prospect of success from medical treatment: ears.

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