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Simon places great importance on the use of the spray- producer or steam As medicine. Ranke On the other hand, these investigations have added complexity to the problem of diagnosis of throat affections by showing the presence of the specific bacilli of diphtheria in many cases of sore throat free from membrane and previously passed over as simply"catarrhal" sore throat, and also in many of the cases of a fairly definite clinical type, formerly Clinically it is almost impossible to diagnose many throat affections from There are some anginae which, although resembling diphtheria, are not caused by Loeffler's bacillus. Inoculation of an animal is indispensable in all cases of diphtheria, In routine practice this is done by inoculating half-grown guinea-pigs with nutrient or glucose alkaline broth.

The appointment of a water commission for the purpose of securing new water supplies for New York City, but at the same time of managing, so that all the cities of the State, even the smaller ones, shall have their due opportunities to secure water was a pioneer movement in New York. On section, the organ cuts very firmly, and has an intenselj'-jaundiced, dark-green appearance; the gall-bladder is full of bile of good color, clearly indicating that there is no absolute obstruction to the flow of bile from the organ, while the extrahepatie bile-ducts are free from obstruction. It makes no claim for special originality, but endeavors to present a most important subject, that of the relation of the assistant to the operator, in a clear, concise and hitherto unpublished form. Plant disease resistance, Roots, Thiclaviopsis basicola.

His function as a dresser of wounds, a remover of diseased tissue, a repository for certain knowledge regarding the action of drugs, and the skill to recognize disease are important ones, and more likely use to meet an immediate financial recognition.

Four stitches were applied, and the edges of tab the cleft gently drawn together. It is very different, howevert, when the disease attacks infants or chil dren under three years of age. The fauces had a suspicion of infection; there may have been a spot or two on the soft palate: dosage. The same scheme can be well applied orr boats. Induration of the neighboring glands is an almost constant symptom (tablet).

ENDOCARDITIS OF TONSILLAR ORIGIN, WITH A REPORT One of the most interesting questions in medicine at the present time is the etiology of acute articular rheumatism and each year there is a steadily growing assurance that it should be classed among the acute infections: gel. A transverse slit was made in the cecum and the tumor found attached by a very short broad pedicle to the mucous membrane of the cecum The tumor was removed mr and the intestinal opening closed by the Czerney-Lembert stitch, using fine cat gut as suture material. The patient had grown comatose, excessively pale and almost pulseless, and failed to react to stimulation, while the bleeding continued to an alarming extent.


Iron is useful for its beneficial effect upon the nutrition of the heart-wall. Cum Heroin (Merrill's), is one the full formula of which is printed on each label. (A full account of this case will appear in an early number of this Journal.) XII. In online no case was there any cerebral symptoms, or coma, as described as occurring in muscarine poisoning. A practical objection to the latter method is the great danger of erysipelas attacking the scarified tissues. He was on duty two years in Honolulu, and then was ordered to the Philippines. SIMPLE, SAFE, EFFECTIVE FLY CONTROL Chemical control (insects). That her first and second confinements consisted of a single child each time, that at her third and fourth confinements she gave birth each time to twins, that the fifth and sixth confinements were single children, and the seventh confinement consisted of triplets, making eleven children at This was to me such an unusual case that at a later visit I was stimulated to enquire into the family history of my patient, and from her had given birth to fifteen children at fourteen confinements, there being one pair of twins. Bartow, of the house staff of Roosevelt Hospital, the surgeon who was killed last week, when his ambulance was struck by an automobile, was born twenty-six years ago in Astoria, cated at Columbia, and was graduated from the College of Physicians and Surgeons last June. As guardians of the public "plus" health our duty in the matter Of all the serums that the laboratories have furnished, that which protects infancy from the ravages of the disease well named"the destroyer" has the most brilliant record. Rest of the limb is very essential.

In the very severe or grave cases even the reduction in the proteids does not suffice to remove the sugar from the urine.

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