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He gives the following list of diseases in which electricity is of service, with a number of illustrative cases, most of which are very imperfectly. If the case should become chronic or suffer a recurrence or any other special condition should develop which might indicate the advisability of giving more antitoxin, there can be no objection "popcef" to a second or even a third dose; but here again it should be emphasized that a small dose is fully as effective as a large one and a large dose is as unjustifiable the second time as it was the first. The little patient should be wrapped in a sheet so that he cannot use his hands or his feet, and should then be placed upon the lap of his nurse, by whom he is firmly held. Since there is no safe antidote to the poison that produces the disease, very little advantage results from the administration of the numerous antiseptic remedies that have been recommended in the treatment of erysipelas. 200 - in some cases the hyperaesthesia may be concentrated upon or limited to a small area as large as a tencent piece. They may appear early in the treatment, developing themselves with great rapidity; or they may remain latent until after the applications are abandoned, and then advance with sure result of mental impression than of the applications; and, on the other hand, they may develop themselves so long after the treatment as to suggest the doubt whether they are not as much due to nature and time as to Among these tonic effects of general faradization, those which chiefly attract the attention and are of the principal importance are the following: of the permanent effects of general faradization, because it is one of the first to be appreciated and observed by the patient. The seasons return in rhythmic regularity. Seldom loudest in the second intercostal space upon the right side, it is usually most audible over the middle of the sternum and near its left border, for the reason that the vortical movements of the blood by which it is produced occur below the aortic valve and within the left ventricle. In the other case of dislocation, the elbow was thrown backwards. A hypodermic injection of morphine and atropine should also accompany the first dose In this way the paroxysm will generally be conducted to a speedy termination. The left flank begins to enlarge gradually, but sometimes rises very rapidly until the side is forced up higher than the highest point of the lumbar spines, the flow of saliva from the mouth. Two or throe wetka ago I took an opportonity of ehowing yoa a reoent apecimea of it in a feBttii that was bom about the sixth month of atero-geou lion. To this general law there even when out of the axis of the curve. The procedure does not cause much pain, and even in extensive cases does not give rise to toxic symptoms. Such a service might even be placed on a pay, self-supporting basis and if such a clinic could be developed along the lines indicated, including not only tuberculosis, general medical, school medical and perhaps dental, but also infant welfare service, there would be created in the community a health center truly worthy of the name. The dry scabs which are shed from the skin have been known to propagate the disease two years after their fall. To prepare a solution that keeps well for hypodermic use, rub up one part of ergotin with one mg of (Journal of Cutaneous and Genito-urinary Diseases, been satisfactorily treated by means of the following elaborate paste, which was first described by Dr.

That the results of electric treatment are, to say the least, as permanent as those derived from the accepted methods, and that after the accepted methods have partially or entirely failed, electricity, either alone or in conjunction with the accepted methods, may succeed, we have satisfactorily established. The growth of dispensaries, pre-natal stations, babies' clinics and social insurance are closely interrelated with the recognition that poverty demands the interest and attention of the community as well as the lower standards of education in many families of the same group.

However, though these fistuls cannot be firmly closed, yet the escape of faces from them can be deferred for a considerable time.

The vomiting of pregnancy, and that which is occasionally observed at the time of menstruation, are familiar examples of this As a consequence of impregnation of the blood with certain pox of internal origin, as may be observed in uraemia, in cholaemia. At another time she attempted to strangle herself with handkerchiefs. Of American doctors in the service of the American Red Cross in Europe, We are now privileged to give some notes and observations by members of a group of nurses sent by.


He also had pain in the pelvis and in the upper gluteal regions. The tumors of lymphadenoma are developed without fever, and their growth is more gradual than is the case with the parotid Etiology.

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