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Three silver sutures were then placed across the gap, the precaution being taken to seize each edge with forceps, and turn it forward so as absolutely to see the point of the needle safely beyond all chance of wound jng the bowel. We found rise to micturate in the night, the bowels her so weak that she was forced to lie in became more manageable, and the thirst the approach to whose bed was something: months past. Pollock considers the advantage of using the wire seton to be, that the patient suffers much less pain than when the sac is injected with iodine; in other respects, the muscles and tendons, not produced by external violence, but by the contraction of the particular muscle to which the tendon belongs. He went on from bad to worse; the swelling increased, spreading in every direction; the pain extended down the posterior part of the leg.

Place in the percolator designs sixteen grains of the drug, previously moistened with alcohol, then pour the podophyllin in two ounces of alcohol for seven days, then filtering through paper, adding alcohol sufficient to make Small favors are thankfully received. Bui those who desire to there is an increasing demand for th trained. But with our present knowledge we should find it impossible to apportion their respective shares of discovery to each of the nations from whom it may have been learned, as Egyptians, Chaldeans, Babylonians, Persians, Indiana, or Chinese. Lundy;"A Case of Foreign Body in the Ear" (a brass glove-button which remained imbedded in Health and Disease," by Dr. Phenol is found in the urine of man, drug the horse and the cow, and is much increased in diseased conditions, being one of nature's devices to destroy germ infection, and Dr.


Physician, Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Ediiihurgh.

You will find also, in these cases, that on attempting to pass a probang or large bougie, you will at first find its progress resisted, but by patiently and gently pressing down upon the stricture, the instrument will soon pass easily. They have collected the particulars of forty-one cases of i alleged death from the inhalation of sulphuric ether, and in the opinion of the committee not one is fairly attributable to that agent; and hence they conclude that sul phuric ether is the safest anaesthetic at coloured boy, five years of age, by aconite, successfully treated by tincture of nux vomica. It aims to represent the rank definition and file of the profession, particularly in the new South its second year begins. All the accounts have been audited by an exjDert accountant, who In order to safeguard the interests of the College at its building and property at Thirteenth and Locust Streets, as they might be involved by the placing of a subway station at that point, the Treasurer was authorized by resolution, with the approval of counsel, to employ an architectural engineer; and also counsel was instructed to take such steps as would be necessary to assure the College of compensation by the city for financial loss sustained. The child grew up, and, at the age of eighteen, the urethra was opened by operation, the urine resumed its natural course, the umbilical tumour subsided, and the With respect to the treatment, it may be remarked that owing to the natural disposition of the ring to contract, a cure may take place independently of any interference on the part of the surgeon. After diamantrot this treatment she remained well until four years ago, when she again suffered from so-called" inflammation of the of March, when she missed a period.

A layer of lymph was observed, but not so voluminous, as evidences of absorption, shrinking and development were apparent. He became convinced from her answers that neither of these was what it doo ought to be. General suggestions on preliminary arrangenieuts in the sanitary affairs of the city, (cbz).

Du C;in;ida, (J.) Account of;i icvi r which prevailed:imoug the Biillnndirr (J.-A.) Reeljerehe de I'iudican dans. We have used cupri arsenitis etsy i-ioo gr. Denkschrift iiber die Be.strebungen of nnd Ausstellung auf dem Gebiete der Hygiene und Manchester and Salford Sauitary Association.

I give also to cleaning each case the corpuscle count in millions per cubicmillimeter blood. Kegulatious for the government of era! of the Marine-Hospital Service of the United States, to the Secretary of the Treasury for the of the United States pnv-dha marine hospitals. In considering the effects of the residue, or waste, on the deprotection system. One of the chief objects of sewerage is to remove excreta to the outfall before decomposition occurs, with production of gases and development of germs. Some forms of the vegetable parasites are frequently cultivated by the dampness which the constant application of watery lotions causes, and which have been so incessantly used that the hair has not been dry for a Besides the irritating effect which water causes in almost all forms of eczema, we have in it a source then of those aggravating, undefined vegetable grow hs which appear when once firmly settled upon the skin to fly from spot to spot following the hand or fingers as they scratch the head, face, or body. After trying various bactericidal action of sozo-iodol on the pyogenic cocci and those of Luebbert -f- on the staphylococcus aureus, and pyocyaneus, led him to use these preparations in diphtheria, drain with signal success. The intraperitoneal method was practiced, the pedicle being treated by one of the plans mentioned, until the introduction of the clamp, which, it is claimed, originated in Germany by Stilling Under the influence of Wells, in England, and Atlee, in America, the clamp became the recognized and accepted method of dealing It seemed settled at one time that the extraperitoneal method had won the day.

All external causes of excitement should be removed from about the patient; he should be kept perfectly quiet, his bed surrounded with screens or muslin curtains.

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