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Of his more recent effort, the speaker says:"At this time I desire to consider it in a broader and more comprehensive way, as it affects not Christian Scientists alone but the whole people." As a logical argument against the establishment of a centralized Federal Health Service there is little that one can put one's hands upon in the way of refutation, because the speech is so conspicuous in the absence of logical thinking and of real reasoning.

Five hundred thousand of our best young men, North and South, lost forever. Pampoukis (of Athens) viscera are considerably shaken in movements of the body, and that they impinge particularly against the diaphragm and anterior abdominal wall. " To possess the soul in peace" is a means of physical and intellectual health, and an aid to the development of wholesome individuality. I was particularly struck by Colonel Goldlein sending word to a large board-school near the town that, at two o'clock in the afternoon, he would turn it into a field-hospital. Therefore, the diet and attention to the digestive functions is The diet should aim to provide a food with a minimum of expended energy on the part of the patient. The cells of the body have a property of producing an excess of immune substance, once they have responded to foreign toxin and it is this continued excess over"and above the amount required to neutralize the toxins of the invading organisms that the serologist strives to To produce these immune bodies is the desire in the use of the vaccines, and it is through the use of the specific antigens that the desired result is brought about.

Care must be exercised in mixing the turpentine and the acid, as the resulting action may become very violent.

For more than a year she has had almost constant pain through her temples and in the back of her eyes. Three of the four aqueduct-supplies at present in use belong to the municipality. A careful study of the diet and health haibits of the average school child in the United States, both in urban and rural districts, revealed a state of affairs both startling and lamentable. While he was unconscious the blood trickled through the larynx and bronchia into the true respiratory system beyond the tidal air-movement, where it speedily putrefied and formed abscesses which caused the patient's death. Gowers described, in addition to numerous forms of multiple neuritis, optic neuritis and other organic nervous degenerations, a great variety of postinfluenzal psychoses, in fact including almost the entire category of abnormal mental states from any cause. Both justify inter esting interpretations cf the mode of action of tuberculin, while the method of scarifications furnishes a new mode of administering tuberculin with a therapeutic object. Sievert has recently studied sixty-five cases. Tab - before considering our observations in detail, it seems advisable to say a few words concerning the conduct of the placental period of labor, as our method differs materially from that employed by Ahlfeld.

The eyelids becoming heavy, the skilled hypnologist has but to utter the command"Sleep!" and the sensitive is then ready to abide by his Another of these mechanical aids is the"electro-hypnotic head-band." It is of rubber, and is clasped about the forehead. Heirzmann's criticisms, to answer him would involve a reconsideration of the whole question of inflammation, as his views upon that subject seemed to be so sweeping and revolutionary that they would require more examination and thought than he was able at the time to give them. The strengthening effect of the sodium bicarbonate is due, I suggest, to its neutralisation of the acid developed in the contracting ventricle itself Experiments show that the addition of a very small quantity of acid to a circulating All Tuiuscle during contracting forms an aciil, and so the ventricle would destroy itself by its own efforts, but that the alkaline sodium bicarbonate of the blood, by neutralising the acid as it is developed, will increase the strength of the contraction, it cannot sustain contractility without the presence of lime in the circulating fluid. A female assistant administered the anesthetic, and "plus" a young physician stood opposite Mr.

It is not improbable that some and perhaps many of the cases of"glycosuria" met with during and after acute infections, if seen at intervals later, might later have turned out to be actual diabetes (tablet). Of cholera in J.-itiva, in the province of Valencia, Spain. That in about five per cent, of all hypertrophied tonsils some form of primary tuberculosis will be found.


Closer attention, in the light of the above statement, will show that while the veterinary sciences in this country have the appearance of having the immature THE RELATION OF THE QUALITY OF THE FACILITIES FOR VETERINARY EDUCATION TO THE STATUS OF THE VETERINARY In the long run, veterinarians will find themselves occupying the fields that they are better fitted to occupy than are men trained in other lines and in other schools. L-folink - this will be noted in the later history of one of the cases cited above as instances of diabetes originating from infection (Case I), and will be further illustrated in the following group.

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