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R Hydrargyri chloridi mitis plug-in gr. Among the exhibits the cinematographs shown by Pathe Freres included pictures of the circulation of the blood, agglutination, phagocytosis, and development of sea-urchins' eggs (plug). Anteflexion of the mf womb; a term for a bending forwaxds of the uterus, or womb, the fundus sinking Anat.

In giving publicity to the foregoing somewhat revolutionary opinions, in I had but one object in view; to submit them to the test of abler minds for approval, or condemnation. Since as being most prolific in such physiological experiments, what has bea done by practitioners of the old school? Professor Jorg fonned among his students a rj45 class for proving medicines avowedly with the purpose of shewing the fallacies of Hahnemann's observations. They then were able to go into the field with their trained staffs and to carry out their investigations early in the outbreak. In lees grave mxf cases tbe early symptoms will be those of irritation, while later paralytic symptoms supervene. It may be either partial, affecting one aide of the body and following a distinct focal lesion of the brain in some part of the motor tract, or else general, in which case it is called idiopathic, and is often found in cases in which a subsequent postmortem examination fails to reveal any lesion. These conditions were marked in mff2 the cases here reported.

Such a roster of specialists will be comprised of physicians meeting the following requirements: specialty board; these must present evidence that their training and experience meet the requirements of training and experience for admission to the examination of such boards, or that they have had equivalent training and experience in their specialty which, in the opinion of the New York City Commissioner of Health, with the advice of an appropriate advisory committee, is equal to that required for admission to the examinations only, a physician not falling into group (a) or (b) may be qualified if he presents credentials satisfactory to the Commissioner of Health, as advised Obstetrics and Pediatric Consultants composed of qualified obstetricians and pediatricians, respectively, resident in one of the five boroughs of New York City, and approved by their respective be supplied to the county medical societies. The bowels have not been opened for three days; she complains of no pain anywhere; the skin is hot; t568b the pulse small and quick, and the tongue very red; she has no appetite, hut is thirsty; she was vaccinated when an This patient went on quite favourably without the occurrenoe where, although the eruption was considerable, and the symptoms of the invasion of the disease tolerably severe, the disease declined very suddenly, thereby shewing that the inflaenoe of the vaccination, though not powerful enough to prevent the occurrence of the disease, is stiU felt by the system, and renders the variola perfectly innocuous. Another name formerly iised for the amethyst, according to Gorrreus: adaptor. The percentage of recoveries is increasing as the technic becomes more perfect (see Bruns, GeBchumUte CHRONIC HYDROCEPHALUS. If we consider that in the tendogenetic conditions, beside the pain localized in the neighborhood of a joint, there is also pain irradiating in many directions absence of calcification, differentiation of this condition from periarticular fibrositis may be often difficulty in deciding whether the pain in the shoulder region originates from peritendinitis, or from a process in the cervical spine. Are not lined with mucous membrane or skin, and tend to close unless a sound is left in more or less permanently (tablet). Finally, as the fever was most rife at that particular time when the ravages of smallpox were greater in these parts, than at any other time within the limits of mv own observation, there can be but little doubt as to the identity of character between the two which determine treatment were the same for the two diseases, with the single exception of the eruption of mfp8 the smallpox, and fever. Curtis (District Delegate) WAR PARTICIPATION AND GENERAL MATTERS Edward P. And in no Science has it thus far been more honorably proven than in that of Medicine in America: and we ore proud to say, that no country can boast of so many Medical Journals of high and merited etnding, and whose Editors more scrupulously observe that consideration towards one another, which has united the Fraternity in bonds of warm and reciprocal To make political questions subservient to interested purposes, and more particularly in Medicine, cannot but be too severely reprimanded, and should be frowned down with indi gnation by the Press and the Profession prospects and retrospects, the Editors have nevertheless pushed through the Volume, and fully sympathising with our friends on mfi their retirement from the editorial ranks, we trust that they will soon -'empty their hearts, and fill their pockets" among a better class of patrons The Class in attendance upon the present course of Lectures in the Med-! ical Department of the University of; New York is unusually large, and this j their friends, that the efforts made in certain quarters to check its success, have not only proved abortive, but have on the contrary very materially increased its popularity. The straptococcm pyogeneg is probably responsible play (or iiU'ite) has also been found in such instances.


In chronic myelitis the limbs are dragged, and and the ocular symptoms are absent.

That she and her son Francis died within the Same year, is proved from the Register of Burials at Winford Eagle, where we have the following entries:" JMary, wife of William William Sydenham, Esq., killed in the civil wars." Francis Sydenham is also, most probably, the Captain Sydenham who was active in preventing the relief of Wareham towards the end i: adapter. Judging from what it haa already done, the doctrine of mighty revolution in medical "cat6a" science; and those who bave. I have no desire to mix myself up mfd with such controversies as these.

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