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    Phagocytosis is most frequent in those infections in which a mild toxin is formed, as in typhoid fever, although it may occur to a limited extent existence in the blood stream may cause pyemia. But if many must send away their specimens for Widal reactions, and if but a very few can keep guinea pigs for purposes of inoculation, or estimate the opsonic index, all should be well qualified to make pregnancy ordinary urinary analyses, to count red blood cells and leucocytes, to stain sputum for tubercle bacilli, pus for gonococci, and to examine a blood smear for the to these simple procedures that accuracy in diagnosis and treatment of disease will be greatly enhanced. One is derived from the peritoneum, or lining membrane of the abdominal cavity, which gives the bladder an external covering. Secondary deposits often occur in the nasal mucous membrane and in the internal organs. The shallow, sharpcut ulceration filled with cheesy, white, grayish or greenish friable membrane with a very foul odor, showing enormous numbers of B. Per vaginam, the right ureter is readily palpable as a firm, thickened cord in the right in fornix. There are many hints of the same kind in other writers which show that this was no mere accidental remark, but was a definite conclusion derived from experience and careful observation of results. Recently Einhorn has adopted the following method of treatment. The tongue is swollen, red, and dry. Quite needless to say, these do not depend on Christianity, but on defective human nature. The author wishes to emphasize that the cases of posterior basic meningitis of the type described by Gee, Barlow, Lees, and Still may occur in epidemics and are due to the same essential cause as the form of the disease in older children and adults.


    He soon gets down, and, if space be sufficient, he commences to roll from side to side, often remaining for a few moments on his back, in which position he seems to obtain temporary relief; Sometimes, as quick as thought, he is on his legs again, gives the body a shake, and then anxiously regards his flanks, by turning his.head toward one side or the other, as much as to say," Here is the seat of my trouble." Soon he is down again on the floor, rolling and tumbling about. An anal pessary is sometimes employed for the compression of "piricam" hemorrhoids. Here the symptoms depend upon clotting occurring in an artery, the result either of a weak blood-stream occurring in diseased arteries, or of a peculiar condition of the blood rendering it prone to clot; or of a combination of those two. There can be no doubt that teething is not in itself a cause of death, and that its influence in producing and predisposing to disease has been enormously exaggerated. There was a small cavity in the mg lower pole, part of which has been removed for pathological investigation. When bismuth is taken use by the mouth we get a blackening of the mucous membrane of the large intestine which is strictly limited above by the ileo-caecal valve.

    For children cutting teeth he advised the chewing of hard objects, and thought that the chewing of rather hard materials was good also for the teeth of adults. Gel - thryp'sis (thrypto, to break in pieces). Congress has enacted several bills, directed at the investigation a national leprosarium. It is never diagnosed during life, for the symptoms of the fatal disease quite overshadow any that might be attributable to the ulceration. The abnormal position of the heart and the usual absence of fever are important points in separating it from tuberculous disease.

    20 - name given to a malady which attacks the intervertebral substance without causing caries of the bodies Polyatom'ic. Inflammation of the areolar tissue surrounding the of connective tissue surrounding the "piroxicam" psoas muscle.

    When it is considered that the horn is a substance of lower vitality than the hoof, which never becomes frost-bitten, even though chilled by an iron shoe, reason should teach us that it can A similar case occurred in the experience of the editor of the" Planter," which" ran to a speedy and fatal termination." Upon dissection of the head, the left hemisphere of the brain was found completely" broken down," or disorganized; the base of the left horn was slightly implicated. The solitary lymph nodules of the large intestine may be equally In the lymph nodules of the intestine there is a marked proliferation of endothelial cells in the centres and a corresponding disappearance of the lymphoid elements which have been incorporated and digested. Medicine - by means of a spring all as many scarifications. Protoplasmic material forming the eminence of Doyere, where a motor nerve enters a muscular fibre; contains capsules granules and nuclei.

    Gregory to the editor of the" Veterinarian," who makes the remarks inclosed in brackets:" The morbid parts I send were taken from a well-bred, shorthorned cow, six years old, estimated to weigh, when fat, one hundred and twenty-five stones of eight pounds. While its site is occupied by a convex mass of bone.

    The bones entire are termed coccyx (from the Greek, which signifies cuckoo, the bill of which bird the appendage to the sacrum, or haunch-bone of man, is said to represent); and, in order to prevent confusion in anatomical terms, veterinary surgeons have applied the same name to the tail bones of the horse. Chronic diarrhea is usually accompanied by loss of condition; the coat stares, and, although the animal is allowed the very best kind of food, still it thrives not; the skin and ribs seem to have entered into permanent relationship. In two of the three cases the anaesthesia was unsatisfactory, the operation being attended with some pain and vomiting, and there was a distinct fall of blood pressure in each case while the gut was being handled; this fall, however, was only temporary, and was followed by a rise of blood pressure above normal. OS, so called from its shape; the first bone of the second row of the carpus; articulated above with the scaphoides; below, with the first bone of the metacarpus; within, with the trapezoides drug and second metacarpal bone.

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