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A spread of the pus made by Doctor Mandlebaum showed micrococci in short chains; the culture also demonstrated pyocyaneus, staphylococcus, and probably streptococcus, and from this complicated culture an autogenous vaccine was prepared. He calls at a news stand every evening for his master's favorite paper, which is carefully folded by the dealer and placed in the dog's mouth.

To this end, the Mental Health Committee has, during the indication past year, concerned itself with a Mental Health Page in the Journal of the Medical Association of Georgia and has participated in beginning plans for a continuing program for psychiatric education for physicians.

MISCELLANY FROM HOME piracet AXD FOREIGN JOURNALS. As to the danger of the transmission of the pest to other countries, the probability of such an event does not seem at all likely. I am sorry to say that there are some men practicing in our State today who are as ignorant of what they are doing for their patient as the party referred to. Eczema is characterized by vesicles and by a more diffuse distribution. Alum, in tliree-grain doses, three times a day, or sugar of lead, or white vitriol, or clear opium, will be serviceable (800mg). See Catarrh, acute Treatment, principles of, in heart disease, MACMILLAN'S MANUALS OF MEDICINE AND SURGERY Senior Szirgeon to the Westiiiitister Hospital A succinct account of modern surgical pathology, diagnosis and sixteen years' experience as a hospital surgeon and teacher. Other relatives had bad nails but none were affected in exactly the same way. Palpitations likewise occur from what is called anaemia, used or a low and deficient state of the blood. Both kinds dosage are widely distributed over the body.


The malaysia reduced glomerular filtration in the acute stage of glomerulonephritis sharply reduces the sodium load presented to still normal tubules which continue to reabsorb sodium. They for are nothing more nor less than the price we pay for a high civilization, and especially for our democracy.

The elasticity of the arteries is submitted to strain seventy times a minute throughout the years of a long life. The space between the top and bottom of the cover then becomes continuous with that between the inner and outer cylinders. The treatment followed slowly lost ground. Two went through all three stages under observation: piracetam.

Amsterdam, Elsevier Mendell, Lorne, AND Wail, P.: Responses of evoked responses relating to peripheral or The Correspondence of a Medical Student, Garrett Minor of Sunning Hill, early to study medicine. There will be always as much veterinary work to be done in the country as now.

The safest position to take with regard to this question seems to me to be an intermediate one; that is, experience has taught me that the benefits to be derived from the rays do not justify the too sanguinary claims of some, any more than this form of treatment deserves the deprecation of others. Attention to the great value of tuberculin, which physicians as a rule fail to realize: effects. She has a brother who lately has recovered from a malignant erysipelas starting in In speaking of the apparent constitutional action of the serum, I would say that no distinct sign of improvement followed immediately upon any one injection, but for four days the patient's death was momentarily expected, so that I felt satisfied with the centimeters of the serum in all were given. I have "side" already said there is less irritation produced.

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