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    When, however, there is tablet a poor elimination of phenolsulphonephthalein, associated with a normal blood urea nitrogen, there is usually a high diastolic blood pressure. BOSTON MBDIOAL AND aUBOIOAL JOURNAL mits and recommends the adoption of the following Boston Medical and Surgical Journal The CJommittee recommends the passage of the Society In active military or naval service of the United States Government, or of its Allies, be exempted from the payment of annual assessments during the present war. At the time of parturition, the ovaria and uterus are the seat of a special excitement, and it is this excitement of the uterus and ovaria which excites the mammae to the secretion of milk for the supply of the newborn infant. REcmcuLATioN and disinfection of swimming pool water may now be accepted as standard and mutually interdependent procedures in the sanitary control of plunge baths. Since this lever has been made, only one opportunity has occurred for trying open, the pains had been strong, but on my re-appearance they almost ceased, being so weak that each one appeared to be but one abdominal effort, and then it was gone.

    They were affected both in the upper and lower Adirondacks, which was diagnosed as lead-poisoning. This vegetation is not vascularized, and, consequently, it is not possible, even though the blood contains antibodies, for the bacteria in its substance to be destroyed. The memory is gradually lost, the ideas become confused, and all reasoning power disappears. In opium poisoning and uremia, the coma is generally more profound than in acute alcoholism. The application should be made with a little pressure, until there is a slight opacity around the ulcer. Incidentally, it may be remarked that the tyro occasionally makes a brilliant diagnosis, through his very ignorance of how rare such a condition actually is. The writer removes the tube in a couple of days, keeps the nasal passage clear by douching, and removes granulations from the region of the antro-nasal after-treatment of ethmoidal and sphenoidal disease. Three other cases of cynanche occurred in this ward within a few days subsequent to this, but none of them passed into erysipelas.

    These ferments have acquired the name of peptoh'tic ferments. Composition - hemianaesthesia hemiparesis, and a slight aphasia. In this connection we must point out error to which Oppenheim and Siemerling call attention, and that he price also gave a test by which it could be decided whether the fibre was really hypertrophied or merely contracted, and that this test consisted in measuring the distance between the transverse striations of the muscular fibres. Lincoln's operation was an extremely brilliant one, and was one which required and obtained a great deal of manual dexterity in preventing the wire from twisting, and also in adjusting it to the base of the tumor. Uses - under the conditions it would have been impossible to have removed the parts by any other operation.


    In the accompanying section from tract exposed lengthwise; its direction is clearly to the parietal lobe. But results iroiii an inflamm.itorv mtiltratuiu of the submucous gpc tissue, secondarv to intiction ol an abrasion ol the mucou- membrane.

    His death adds yet another to the list of brilliant careers cut short prematurely. Carnochan, of New York: Etherhaving been administered, a curvilinear incision was made parallel to and slightly below the inferior orbital margin, from the inner to the outer angle of the eye. The tomentum covering the anterior surface of the iris was dull and grayish; and, towards the lower part, and a little internal to this membrane, there was a partial laceration of the iris, of about the size of a millimetre (about one twenty-fifth of an inch), having the showed no vascular injection; the eyelids had the yellowish tint which usually follows bruises. A temporo-sphenoidal abscess, secondarj' to chronic middle and Perkins" describes a cerebellar abscess, in which the phenomena of ventricular distension were well shown, in a Intracranial disease from the ear is discussed in general by Catarrhal Middle-ear Deafness has received a certain amount of attention, but far less than it deserves. Here, obstructions in the middle-ear are firmer, and usuallv fibrous and more vascular.

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