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In addition to the original analysis or inspection of each" batch," every article bearing the bureau certificate will be purchased in open market from time to time and submitted to analysis, assay and comparison with standard The bureau will also gather apps and diffuse reliable information relative to materia medica products, chemicals and foodstuffs, and to those who manufacture or deal in the same, and it is believed that in a comparatively short time such information will replace and do away with the one-sided and unreliable trade literature which is at present in many instances the only The work of the bureau will be purely commendatory, and not in any way condemnatory, so that it can in no event become As the bureau is not a commercial enterprise, is not organized for profit, nor for money-making, only the actual expense of doing the work required will have to be defrayed.


Third, that as the fracture is repaired and the patient is in condition to resume free occupation this phosphaturia is less marked, and the earthy salts resume their normal relation to the alkaline. "But to return, I would wish to know what way I have erred, and what waa the cause of my misfortune in the death of my patient? It may be said the case was not a subject fit for chloroform, on account of his weak and hectic state. Neither does it seem to me that anything is gained in etiology by calling in the aid of such an agent." As ordinary sequelfe to the maker fever described by him, the author enumerates phthisis, in several instances; cedema of the face and limbs; loss of the hair, desquamation of the cuticle; in one case, a very painful affection of the tibia, accompanied by some tumefaction of the integuments, which were, also, exceedingly tender to the touch. The patient was very ill with small-pox; upon the appearance of the pustules, those upon the face were brushed over, two or three times daily, with the above liquid, until the period of desquamation. For - now grasp the distal end and dissect the same free deep into the true pelvis, carefully removing all the sacral and other contiguous glands.

The courts have again and again held that whether or not a man so falsely pretends is a question of fact for the magistrate. He stated that it had been for many years a rule of practice, with him, to wait in all cases of lahour until the pxdsations of the funis could no longer he felt, previous to the application of the ligature to it, and that he had year after year thus taught the young gentlemen who had belonged to the private medical school with which he had the pleasure to be connected. She is usually referred from a physician living outside the city; and if a poor working woman, is frequently weakened by her arduous duties, has traveled a long distance, is weary from the journey and a few days' rest is followed by a distinct improvement in her general physical condition, and she is better prepared for and more easily withstands the shock of operation (acid). The author accentuated first sound within a few beats of the heart as follows: So great is the force required to close the rigid valve that when the patient is lying down and the ventricle beating' quietly the valve resists closure and the ordinary systolic regurgitation murmur is heard, but when the patient sits up and contraction is more forcible the resistance to closure is overcome and a crescendo murmur is heard; when the patient walks about and the venticle contracts more forcibly apk still the resistant valve is forced to close almost at once and only an undescended. This under pipo three headings, and further experience has shown that these include the great majority of the cases.

It is not so much a question of time, as of the condition of the new and the original resting-places of the disarticulated end of the bone. Te of a much superior quality to that obtained from (be pipecolic Levant. Inoculated smalt-pox rs attended with illness in drops its eruptive stage, A very few years ago, indeed, inoculated smalt-pox was much sbam. The child failed rapidly and died in coma about three weeks online after the mother first noticed he was ill. Among these must be classed also those disabled Practically all of the countries engaged in the war have endeavored, with more or less success, to extend the attempt at phyucal and functional restoration of the disabled soldier no longer fit for involves a program of education and tablet training to overcome the permanent physical handicap and to fit them to become selfsustaining economic factors in civil life.

F, thrill, a thrill felt on palpatioa of Fatigue': pipcol. SanfuLn'ea, red thomapple,grave plant; plant from which the Peruvian seeds, and root are the parts collage used in medicine.

He referred to other cases which true foreign bodies, as distinguished from cretions, had been found, and mentioned two othin which the intruder was a pin. Generally, then, it may be said that at present there is no experimental evidence which would warrant the assumption that the course of septicemia in animals can be favorably influenced by the intravenous injection of antiseptic substances and that mac the only result to be obtained by pressing such a treatment beyond the -maximum nontoxic dose is to hasten the death, of the animal.

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