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Surgically, according to these authors, it explains the presence of mysterious deep fascial layers, the identity of which has often exercised the minds of operators in the course of the incisions for colotomy and nephrotomy.

I have observed a great proportion of women amongst those who apply with this injury." In cases of fracture of the lower extremity, the author recommends that the patient should be encouraged to bear upon the limb at an earlier period than is allowed by the generality of" I allow most of my cases to get a little about in three weeks. Was charged with felony respecting a watch, which was taken from Johnson's house. The oiled-silk jacket is useless and even harmful. It would be easy to shew, that, while by the adoption of this rule the cause of truth and justice is not likely evidence may in some instances press most unfairly against the accused; and turned loose upon society. In slighter cases we first perceive round or oval prominences upon the skin, as large as a pea or hazel-nut, which either occur singly or in small groups, covering about the area of a man's palm and not very numerous. Occasionally noUiing at all abnormal veratrine, atropine, caffeine, hyoscsamine); and for the paralysis we apply sldn-irritants (friction, massage, electricity, with shaip CertbrO'Spinal MeHtngiHs. On opening the ches-t, the left CHvity was found filled completely with Moody serum, the left lung collapsed, and bands of lymph, apparently of rt-cent formation, united the pleura costalis to the pleura on the opposite side of the cavity: evidence of intense inflammation existed. It seems to me the proper procedure in cases of doubt is to return the intestine to the abdomen, to fix it by means of a suture through the mesentery, or even the gut itself, and wait fifteen or twenty minutes to see if circulation returns. In pneumonia, intense heat of the skin is the great pathognomoinc sign of the disease, and to check it by the application of cold is highly dangerous, for the lungs are incapable of performing their functions without the assistance of the skin.


Every step leads on the unsatisfied inquirer to one beyond itself. He finally died in a public hospital, as a result of some acute disease with cerebral complications. The perforation was in an inaccessible position, laying behind the gastrohepatic omentum.

Most of them are babies who have suffered from intestinal trouble. Some auscultators, however, deny the possibility of the occurrence of this murmur change in the structural condition of the diseased valve, or from such contraction suspension of the auriculo-ventricular opening, as will allow the valve to close during the systolej there being, in this case, actually an increase of the mechanical obstruction.

This theory is objected to by some, on the ground that the apparatus alluded to (the pyogenic surface), is not always present when pus is found, as, for instance, on mucous membranes; but it has been discovered by microscopic investigation that a peculiar surface is always exhibited where pus is poured out, even from a mucous membrane, and, indeed, it involves the question of how much surface action alone may influence the formation of pus. Not a complaint! Had he been of wood it would have been quite the same.

Adenoid tissue in the epipharynx is the most frequent predisposing cause of middle ear deafness. He describes the parts thus afifected as of a deep purple red, having lost the natural suppleness of the lung, being solid and sinking in water: they were, moreover, tougher than healthy lung; if divided, the section became covered with a reddish fluid, perfectly destitute of air, while the tissue neither resembled that of healthy lung, nor presented the peculiar granular appearance characteristic of hmg in the second stage of pneumonia. Temporary changes and the mere counteracting of poisons in the welfare of human or plant life is not enough. This is especially true with reference to the efforts for the eradication of tuberculosis. Smith, it occurs to me that the publication of a case observed uses by myself very soon after the accident which caused it, may contribute something toward completing the history of the injury. In other caaea, the duration ia from a few houn to one or two days. Shattock said the condition of these calves was just like that produced by the removal of the thyroid in young animals. But whence can come this predilection of inflammation, with similar effects for the muscles in question? The cause of it may perhaps be found in the forced exercise to which these same muscles are subjected syrup in several circumstances of life.

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