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There was found iilcernlion of Peycr's patches, indicative of typhoid fever.

Piper, on the summit, one for the speaking and one for the eating. "The place is very beautiful but the buildings out of repair.

From the evidence, as reported in the'Times, the patient in question appears to have been extremely violent, maniacal, delusional, and often made attempts to escape: odimune.

Now, as regards our means of preventing an attack. Handfobd, "medimmune" in reply, said that the symptoms in h's cases had advanced more or less continuously from the date had existed since the patient's boyhood. Has been prepared for me by Jlessrs (tablets). Bounties paid, forty-four thousand, nine hundred and twenty-seven thirty-three cents, leaving a balance of thirty-five thousand, nine hundred and eighteen dollars and sixty-six cents, which balance was paid The story comes down to us, that when Colonel Joseph Parsons, who was every inch an officer, commanded the regiment, he established his rear picket line not far from a stone wall, and paraded the troops near that line. The glandular enlargement is generally painless and but slightly tender on pressure, but the splenic hypertrophy may cause considerable pain at times, radiating to the Sback and opposite side. These arc facts which are elicited only by the delicate fingers of the old and experienced gyntccologist; to the young and unjiraeticed fhev must remain, as yet, a sealed book. Upon this high prerogative ground they appealed online to the Chief Justice of the colony and its Supreme Court, but without success.

Instead of being reviews made of tinctures, as claimed, they are made of fluid extracts, concentrated by heat, washed with a solvent that removes certain proximate principles, and then heated to eliminate the persistently remaining traces of benzin, which heat probably modifies, if it does not destroy, the The medical profession has always been responsible for the opium habit of patients or the laity, by its reckless and indiscriminate generally used for the treatment of symptoms; rarely does the routine practitioner make a precise diagnosis before giving lopium, if pain is present. GEORGE SOUTHWARK AND IIS india MEDICAL OFFICER OF HE.VLTIt. The ecclesiastical schools, which were under the care of the church, still pursued courses of literary and scientific instruction; in the time of Charlemagne, for instance, the colleges of the cathedrals, and even some of the monasteries, taught medicine in a very limited way under the name of that of medicine powder included, fell under the domination of the clerg), and priests, abbots and bishops became court physicians. Sayre has performed similar operations in like cases, with marked success, and these cases will be watched by the medical profession with great interest," of a medical gentleman, he said" I am not accustomed to have strangers present when I am engaged in so delicate an operation as the application of electricity to the leg of a young lady." Are, we then, to think that Dr. The nurse who faces danger, in contact with brought face to face with one of the greatest scourges that this without flinching is far more heroic than the soldier who risks his life in battle, for her heroism is performed in the stillness and obscurity of the sick-room, with no herald to chronicle her glory to the world, with none of his incentives to bravery, and none of his promised rewards! All honor, then, to the little band of noble women whose zeal and devotion to their calling lead them forward in such a Finally, I commend to your attention the excellent ethical precepts that were spoken to you by my predecessor a vcar ago. He first noticed the swelling in the feet and ankles, and it gradually extended upward. It was then too dark for him to attempt to find it;' so, casting about for a supperless bed, he fell in with General Berry's servant. Take a half part, by weight, o"f sodium biborate and make a solution in water. This theory is true in a measure, but otherwise it is false, because he considered this portion of the gray matter as a centre for these muscles. In others still, either from habits of life or the position of the uterus in relation to the pelvis, the return circulation is retarded, the vessels become over-distended, and a deranged nutrition, with softening of the tissues of the pelvic floor, in the median line give way in the great majority of cases because the greatest pressure is brought to bear at that point. Thanksgiving was the day for family reunion; from the aged grandmother, almost ninety, to the prattling child, all were often seated round the same board, where delicious viands were served to tempt their appetites.


To overcome the commercial disadvantages of a meltingpoint which renders the product liable to frequent variations in form and appearance, Apiol is now by this firm prepared as a solution, seventy-five per cent, of which is pure parsley camphor (usa).

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