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Mary Queen of Scots and her mother were both there, and also James I, James II, James lY, and James Y: pazumac. Liver Oil and Milk, for if it does not prove satisfactory in every respect, we will We also manufacture the above preparation combined with Hypophosphites op Lime and Soda." We will furnish gratuitously to any Physician who will pay carriage a pint bottle of the above preparation. This was quickly succeeded by pain of a peculiar character: she now tossed about iier arms, alternately extended and flexed her legs; her face being at the same time expressive of agony.

Assistant Attending Pathologist, New Golbey, Robert B. The tears and pleadings of such are hard to resist. Heated air can be used to advantage in the prophylactic treatment of wound infection from bursting shell, hand grenades, torpedoes, combined with a free incision and mechanical cleansing; in gangrenous and gas bacilli infected wounds after freely exposing the traumatic focus by incision; and in old foci or osteomyelitis following fracture, after free the form of a douche, heated air gives excellent results in wounds with abundant suppuration; in acute outbursts of erysypelous or phlegmonous lymphangitis; in bed sores from decubitus or secondary upon nervous or medullary lesions; in atonic wounds without any tendency to cicatrization, particularly ulcerations in amputation stumps; in certain stubborn fistulae on the condition that they are not kept up by the presence of a foreign body or sequestra. The neighboring regions should be carefully scrutinized for the presence or absence of abnormal swellings, aneurisms, masses of feces, pregnancy. We are infonned that he introduced too many refinements from the German and other continental writers, with a certain quaintness, not to say pedantry, in his language, and we suppose a ievf little crotchets of his own. Absence of fatigue, occasionally an accompaniment of sleeplessness, can thus likewise be a contributing factor in the etiolog)' of the latter. Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatrics. Thefe circumftances alfo often precede a fupprefTion of the uterine flux (a). On examination the eruption was found to be confined to the anterior aspect of the trunk and the flexor On the trunk the eruption began at 500 the base of the neck, which it half encircled. Ido y Hue pertinet emetici cujufdam fortioris dofis refracta, qua? ftimulo gaudet tarn valido, ut naufeam, vomendique conatum unum alterumve provocare pofTit, nee amplius urgeat. Hysterical patients sometimes simulate diabetes, and the detection of the fraud is not always easy.

Many, often all, the glands of the same group are diseased. Remark that the effect is gradual, increasing with every turn of the roller, but would be in full force in about twenty minutes.

On section, the organ was seen to contain large abscesses of greenish glutinous pus, and which did not resemble softened fibrin, and the arteries running into the abscesses had plugs of the same granulation-like substance which was found in the mitral valve. But there are the forms of mixed affection, already many times referred to, in which there is a simultaneous enlargement of glands and spleen, accompanied with a leucocythsemic state, and in which the form of splenic enlargement is simple hypertrophy.

Neither are the tidings of the heart more satisfactory: in the present day, when the morbid anatomy of that organ is so well understood (is it not so in Portugal?), what can we infer from being merely told that the heart w as somewhat there was hj-jjertrophy or dilatation, if, indeed, there was any organic lesion about the parts. With respect to the first, in addition to what has been decided by the medical men of Rouen, we should say in the detail, that we have not found any documents which would be conclusive for conscientiously convicting you; yet tee oiiglit to be, in such a matter as tliis, tlie most cnlighteucd jury, and the most We deplore tlie absence of certain elucidatory testimony, but feel that it would not have been wanting- for the consultation in a casiMif ditiicultj: and, in tiic next place, liad lie not infring-ed But supposing- for a moment, (which, there was an aneurism in question, the principle of medical responsibility would still clearly not be applicable; and this leads us to the second point under consideration. It is a normal constituent of blood serum.


I witnessed a case in the IMiddlesex Hospital, in which Mr.

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