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Three new milk plants were built, five completely remodeled, ten were equipped with mechanical refrigeration, twenty-two bottle and ten can powerwashers and sterilizers were installed.


Unfavorable in phthisis and septic forms.

They are frequently accompanied with a sero-fibrinous exudate, u.sually yellow, but occasionally dark red in color. Local sources of irritation are first of all to be sought out The first importance must be given to the removal of exos M.

The left ventricle of the heart was thickened.

Pancron - that if such applicant shall fail to pass the examination prescribed by such Board of Medical Registration and Examination, he shall have the right to an appeal to the Circuit or Superior Court of the proper county, requiring such Board to show cause why such applicant should not be permitted to practice medicine, surgery or obstetrics in the State of Indiana, upon the applicant giving a good and satisfactory bond to be approved by the Court, to secure all costs of suit should the appeal be determined against him. It is vaguely supposed to be a hot region but no thought is given to the diflBculties of securing ice warfare which must be carried on against kitchen vermin does not enter complete readjustment to an environment in which housing, clothing, habits, and foods are entirely alien to those more trying or important than in its relation to the feeding of the household. I have not as yet been able to find notices of more than five or six cases of typhoid fever in which acute nephritis occurred during the height of the disease as a complication of it.

The institutions which care for mental defectives are finding that such intelligence as their wards possess is largely of the manual type and the training provided, being almost entirely of this sort, is showing some remarkable re sults. WRITTEN ON THE WALL IN THE GALLERY OF ST. There is tenderness upon pressure, ascites is often present, and occasionally jaundice.

This fact necessitates much care in the differentiation of outbreaks The dietary and other non-infectious disorders do not exhibit definite, uniform differential characters excepting perhaps in case of those caused by a few mineral poisons or by eating certain plants. It is a center for the detection of social diseases and for the hygienic education of the people.

His discoveries are well calculated to for an article written by Dr. The photos very clearly show the ramshackle condition of the premises, and are sufficiently graphic as to conjure up all the other conditions complained of.

The cases in which it is found necessary to adopt this method are chiefly cases of large sarcomata of the body of the uterus in which the tumors are too large to be removed through the vagina. King devotes portions of the work to Hydropathy, Thomsonism, Female Physicians, Indian Medicine, Eclecticism, Ghrono-Thermalism, and Natural Bone-setters. Keirle that I thought it best to make the experiment upon unmarried men to prevent the possibility of serious secondary consent case of a result different from that obtained in my San Francisco experiments. New substances of great power and value have been added to the pharmacopoeia, and the value of old ones has been greatly enhanced by new methods of combination, whereby their efficacy has been increased, their bulk has been concentrated, their taste rendered less offensive, and their form made more pleasing The American Pharmaceutical Association consists of upwards of two hundred members, from all parts of the country, including about thirty from our own State, and the published volumes of its Transactions are evidence of the favorable influence it must exert upon the progress of pharmacy. The number of colored corpuscles in the blood increases in proportion to the development of the Ultimate Destination of the Blood Corpuscles. Has the disease spread down the river? This is not now known but those who have studied the situation locally are inclined to believe that it has not. The flower? Ah, we must look for that in each succeeding generation of Belgian men and women. The alterations in quality, however, are striking and uniform; the blood was of a darker color than normal," the fibrine coagulated very slowly, contracted but little, and the fibrils formed by the coagulation possessed less tenacity than in healthy blood; while the red corpuscles, viewed under the microscope, appear less bi-concave, less uniform in size, and patients with simple intermittent and remittent fevers, the qualities or properties of the several constituents of the blood appeared normal, bumen and fibrin were only slightly below the normal proportion, and the water was relatively in excesR. Where there is an asthmatic complication, it is of course inadvisable to place a cardiac where there is anything which is apt to make him cough, but the majority of cardiacs will not be injured by the atmosphere of most well kept factories. This garment had lost its brightness of color by use. Such experiences were not likely to have been soon forgotten, and hence my surprise when I saw in print the drug statement that the rainy season would have been past. THE USE OF BOILED WATER BY THE ANCIENTS.

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