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Often some sedative is necessary for the cough. If he question your inference, it will but afford you an occasion to show in a more striking manner that it is a strictly legitimate one. It remained for Virchow to announce ontnis celltda e cellula. The deaths from bronchitis, chiefly among old and young, have increased nearly fifty per cent, above the average. Osann, for September last, in which there is the first portion of a translation into German, by Dr. One each had graduated from Bryant College and the School of Design, Among those exemplifying varied experience were an inhalation therapist, a religious brother, a retired policeman, and a mother and daughter pair. In one of our The pulse presents no oxpride special cluracters.

They are formed in the lung by the calcification of caseous masses, and it 50 is said also occasionally in obstructed bronchi. Our own conclusion as to the bacteria of Schweine-seuche and of swine plague is that no difference exists between them as regards morphology, cultural behavior, and pathogenic effects on rabbits, mice, and other laboratory animaJs. These have an especial interest in relation to the progress of Pathology. On the fourth day, convaJescence. The disease of the bone, however, extended to the dura mater, in two very circumscribed points, at the upper and hind part of the pars petrosa. The hope appears to be in the extermination of the animals npon which the Glomna paipalia feeds, just as the killing off of 200 the big game in other parts of Africa has saved the cattle from the ravages of the tsetze fly. Here again of being placed in any position for the application of the rays to any part of the body, that it should permit the tube to be brought close to the patient, that it should not emit rays in any direction except that wished for, and that it should be fitted with a pastille-holder for the proper placing of the pastille.


Compare the cellular changes with a nearly normal cell shown in the upper right corner of the photograph. Spain was a good country for a thinker to come from. In every one of the indurated masses infiltration of pus had commenced.

It shows, first, the deaths at Grosse Isle for each week in the season, and, adding the deaths in the vessels during the voyage, and while in quarantine, and those in the Marine Hospital, it gives the fearful Some experiments with chloroform Tapour have been recently made in Paris by M. Pher in all his intellectual and moral Sometimes Dr. Trismus; extremely rare in this country; symptoms; post-mortem api)earanccs; uncertainty as to natural vascularity of the cord in early infancy; causes of the disease; influence of vit.ated disease of the brain; their symptoms not to be mistaken for those of incipient hydrocephalus; sometimes continue to occufor many weeks; treatment. Her accouchements have all been natural, and she has generally kept her room five weeks after each. The clinical manifestations were extremely suggestive of cinchonism, and it was found that neither individual reacted with any of the other common drugs where idiosyncrasies are known to occur. The exogenous origin of food poisons is by far the tablet commonest. On laying open the intestine, there was found only some mucous fluid, coloured by a small quantity of feculent matter; there was most extensive ulceration of the mucous coat, limited by the ileo-ciBcal valve, and not affecting the mucous membrane of the small intestines; in the coecum- there was a good deal of healthy mucous membrane still remaining, and the same was the case towards the termination of the rectum. So soon as the 100 fermentative processes have been checked lukewarm water alone should be used.

The length of time that the patient should be quarantined depends evidently upon the duration of the period in which active diphtheric bacilli remain on the mucous surfaces attacked.

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