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Worcester," of Danvers, has demonstrated that in asylums for the insane epilepsy in its severe forms is a deadly The development of rapidly-recurring convulsions, the status epilepticus, is cause for gravest apprehension. 150 - of especial value are the autopsy findings in this case, which seem to show conclusively that as much as fifty cubic centimetres of antitoxin can be introduced into the subdural space without the production of any demonstrable anatomical lesion. When flush in water during rainy seasons, they do no injury to the health of those who inhabit their yicinity: hp. As a cause of chronic internal arteritis in the horse, should be named the presence, in the vessels, of the larva of the sclerostoma equinum. The microbes carried in from the mouth or pharynx may easily Of other agents suspended in the water thrown into the lungs, some that are in full solution or very volatile, may be quickly absorbed and do little or no harm.

The details of this new method are as follows: centimetres of the unfiltered contents in a test tube add a few drops of Topfer's reagent (a one-half-percent, alcoholic solution of dimethyl-amido-azo-benzol). Of silver nitrate by day, and Veiel uses for weeping patches Unna's plaster of zinc ox. To remove tape worm first give a dose of castor oil, then feed for a day on onions, garlic and salt herring to nauseate the worm; has been used as an anthelmintic Parisi found the milk and pulp of one cocoa nut taken fasting in the morning was always successful in expelling tsenia. Original methods and schemes of treatment have been proclaimed by enthusiasts, but no panacea is yet known. Bulkley of potassium chlorate, grs. In the case of glands too deeply situated to be clearly felt, the occurrence of purulent fluctuation in their vicinity suggests abscess of the glands, an important induction, as the maturation and healing are usually slow in the gland tissue. " At this epoch, about the twelfth century," were strong castles constructed, but all things were made Roman amphitheatres nt Aries and Nismea, wIiBre they fortified tbeniaelvcs, and whence they sallied forth to rob tbe passing travellers. What the economic value of that sanitary system has been to the army the everyljody else.

The sole feature of this condition is the congenital absence of pigment, which may be complete or partial.

Statement of guarantee of uniform rates and discounts to all advertisers using same amount and kind of space: No exceptions to published rates. Locomotor ataxy: Nitrate or phosphate of silver, subcutaneously; iodide of potassium, and iron, internally; galvanism and faradism.

Ovitrop - "Now let any one carefully examine the effort made by the stammerer in his attempts at tlie enunciation of these various letters. Protheroe Smith's PELVIC BAND AND PELVIC Thirty years' experience under the direction and supervision of some of the THE BIRMINGHAM CALF LYMPH ESTABLISHMENT, All our Vaccine is examined in the New Bacteriological Laboratory of the Mason University College, and is warranted free from Tubercle and Aseptic.

If a word of adverse criticism be in order the reviewer would suggest that it might be better to use English equivalents of Greek letters in giving the derivation of words from the Greek; but it is recognized that it might be well answered that there are no exact equivalents, and moreover, that those who are really interested A MANUAL OF GYNECOLOGY. Wliii ll till' InllniMiiM air injection till' rllii I: ali-i'iii-i- III::lial iliiiiiiiiil Hill nt uasltlr jillrr (ailivlial. Symptoms become rapidly developed, frequent paroxysms of coughing, with hurried breathing, fever, and a rapid emaciation. At both these towns, but especially at Maritzburg, tliere is very excellent hospital ac(tommodation.


Side, and the digastric triangle exj)Osed. Acantholysis bullosa (Goldscheider); Congenital traumatic buttons Disease resembling Pemphigus (Payne); Epidermolysis bullosa hereditaria; Hereditary buttons dermatitis (Valentin); Chronic hereditary bullous son with the affection at the Dermatological Society of London. This appears to be a very rare tumour of the skin. Injections, to be effective, should be given as soon after a suspicious form of injury as possible. I am not particular about the strength of these two solutions, as I have not experienced any irritating effects from either, and a last washing with soap and water will remove all traces of the oxalic acid, and should slight traces of the permang.inate stains remain I think you would i)refer it to the odor.

If we persist with fixed determination, we will win, and the reward will be the personal knowledge and satisfaction thai we have labored in a most worthy I am not seeking to arouse false or transient enthusiasm. In ninst casi's inj nf uastrnplnsis the lijllil Uiilrux Is riini'c nr liss IVeely innvalilc.

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