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There is usually no enlargement of the ventricular chamber, and the hypertrophied heart secures a normal circulation of blood. Officers were elected for HOWARD COUNTY MEDICAL SOCIETY members held a business session at the Club, members later attended a JAY COUNTY MEDICAL SOCIETY held a meeting at the JOHNSON COUNTY MEDICAL SOCIETY members met at KOSCIUSKO COUNTY MEDICAL SOCIETY members met in for more than twenty years as secretary of the Lake the editorial staff of the Chicago Tribune, was the guest speaker. The vessel was tied in the ordinary way and place; the ligature died. ; also respecting epidemics, as smallpox near Claremont, diphtheria at Dickinson's a fat-rendering establishment at Doncaster and Richmond Hill; slaughter houses at Wales; liquid refuse from cheese factory at Easten's Corners; sawdust deposit at P-irry Sound, etc. The second stage of phthisis was well advanced, and all the graver symptoms which mark it were present. Otherwise, give it to your doctor when you apply for In the schools a check is kept and a record obtained of the children immunized, and those not immunized. Osier thought that the humanities are the ancient classical world, what man knew of nature as well as what he knew of himself. The web of Araehne, to borrow the words of Sir Charles Bell, is the same in them. He also points out that when Tristram Shandy first appeared it excited as much perplexity as admiration, and he remarks,"Readers are often inclined to regard with veneration, what they do not understand. It is so because she was afterwards attacked by a succession of paroxysms terminating iiB and dilated pupils, themselves require the evidence of coexisting hysterical symptoms, to entitle them to the character of hysteria; unless, indeed, they have yielded to a treatment decidedly antispasmodic; and in this instance the treatment of the cerebraraffection is not communicated to us. Such a membrane is called semipermeable; the diffusion of molecules through it is called osmosis, and the pressure which is generated, the osmotic pressure. Blood guslicd out a( intervals in considerable quantity, and a draining continued in spite of our exertions to stay it. As calmatives, and for the purpose of procuring sleep, morphia and chloral might be given.

The doctor evidently had a dermoid cyst of the gm ovary.

It expresses what is the natural and necessary limit of mental power, and the wisdom as well as moral rectitude of acquiescing in it. These are more hopeful in proportion as the previous state is apparent; and admits, as in the case of over-repletion or starvation, of a gradual correction of the errors of the How strikingly the case before us proves the correctness of Mr.

His work as a minor poet included epigrams and Most of his attention was devoted to natural history and medicine. Mental strain, impoverished blood, or great loss of it, etc., produce just such symptoms, the result to the nerve-centres being the same, only that in the vascular disease, which threatens apoplexy, we have a more permanent cause of anaemia of those centres from narrowing or occlusion of great numbers of the blood vessels. Unlike the last, this condition is one of the most curable of the causes of affection by Sir James Y. But in dysmenorrhoea complicated with diseased surface, the sponge tent answers price the indications. How far must one be depressed and how must the depression manifest itself? Another theory recently advanced is that pneumonia is a mixed infection, and when the saliva of two or more persons is mixed its virulence is enhanced.


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