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    About the sixth or seventh day multiple abscesses begin to form in various parts of the body without relation to the point of infection. Each observer must test his own voice by the acuteness of hearing of normal persons between the ages of twenty and forty-eight years of age. In the simple continued fever the course is from six to eight or even ten to fourteen days.


    The cavity of this abscess led straight into the descending cornu of the lateral ventricle, which was also filled with the same brown ichor, and its walls were shreddy and uneven. The patient, a young girl labouring under pains in the stomach and menstrual irregularities, passed successively through nostalgia, fever, obstinate constipation, chorea, trismus, trismal catalepsy, complete catalepsy, chorea, a species of somnambulism, and finally hysteric symptoms, during the period of about eleven monihs: for.

    He thought craniotomy, with nicking of the cervix, would meet the indication, and the operation was performed. The rationale of this is very simple, a portion of the free alkali of the soap probably remained adherent to the skin and promptly precipitated the alkaloid from the portion of the solution that came in contact with it. For the sake of brevity, constant repetition of the necessity for the stomach-pump and emetics in nearly all cases of poisoning has been omitted in speaking of the treatment. A second specimen of urine showed again many bacilli and an occasional leukocyte. The second proposal, which, by the way, is not without its advocates in the Indian press, strikes us as being morally and financially inadmissible; and, accordingly, we gladly endorse the language used with reference to it by the Marquis of Salisbury in the parliamentary debate already alluded to, when he remarked that"he could at once say that he did not think encouragement should be given by the Government of India to any proposal for separating the women The third alternative seems to be so commendable and, withal, so feasible that we have no hesitation in recommending that it be carried into efiect without delay. Pemberton had found that the circumflex ilii, the epigastric, and the profunda femoris arteries, W'ere given off together above Poupart's ligament; and that he had tied the superficial femoral artery. We select be taken as fairly representative.

    Test-cases frequently repeated are almost chemical demonstrations of Mr. Brown, of New-York, has noticed a foul tongue tablet only in two out of eight cases.

    In Europe, on the other hand, syphilography began to take on dimensions with the advent of the fourteenth century. March, of Illinois, thought simple incision the more satisfactory and radical measure, and that there is but little danger from incision. When horses this aeriform poison is undiluted with atmospheric aii-, it will destroy life ahnost instantaneously, by abolishing, at once, all the sensibility and irritability of the nervous system. I procured some of the phenyl-hydrazin chloride in Vienna, and since my return from Europe I have made a very careful study of the test as applied by Ultzmann (for convenience, I shall speak of it as" Ultzmann's method"). By'is dense apply Bat electrode; fluoroquinolones into sac copper sulph. I do desire, however, to give greater prominence to the special features of the present cases than the mere detail of their histories permits, and to this end will pass in review the several points of interest which they offer.

    He received his professional education at St. Therefore the preliminary preparation makes the soil fertile, and when finally the milk"cure" is given the reaction will be more rapid than in those patients who have been receiving unlimited amounts of salt and Usually the first effect of the cure is a protest by the patient. The clothing and sheets should be spread out on lines so that all the surfaces may be exposed to the gas, and the room should not be reopened for twenty-four hours. The hours of the meals should be regular and the time originally selected with due regard to the other necessities of the invalid.

    The lungs were taken out and their volume determined by the amount of displacement they caused; subtracting from this the volume of oroquin-10 the lungs, easily determined, the remainder was the volume of the residual air. Although the patient was relieved of asthma and wheezing while wheat was omitted from the diet, she still continued to have bronchitis which was greatly improved by vaccines.

    That is, it had reached that stage where it is commonly spoken of as complete, and where its incompleteness cannot be detected except by cornparison with the fellow eye kept in a normal condition. I think I have said enough to show that I am decidedly opposed to operation in cases of this latter class. Oliver Pemberton, the well-known surgeon of Birmingham, and the reader of the Address in Surgery at the Birmingham meeting, as to the portals by which these two ladies had been of which she has, we believe, attended more than one meeting. No one can meet and listen to such men as held the most prominent positions in the London and Copenhagen Congresses, the recognized leaders in European medicine, without feeling that he is in the presence of those who are working to advance medical knowledge with little thought of pecuniary reward, of personal ambition, or of desire for applause; and this feeling will make him an humbler and a better man, and, so far, a wiser one. As the deposition progresses, oroquin the cartilage is encroached upon, and being broken down under the influence of the osteoblasts, it becomes incorporated into the substance of the maxilla.

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