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I do not ask anyone to accept our results or my assertions on faith. From our point of view, gaseous or volatile bodies may beequally powerful, or, at all events, capable of giving rise tosymptoms similar in character to those produced by solids or fluids. With many original Illustrations, a number of This edition is practically a rewritten book, a great part of it having been re-constructed and a large amount of new material added, of which the following articles are the most important: Hypertrophic Stenosis of the Pylorus, Obstruction of the Orifices, The Use and Abuse of Rest and Exercise in the Treatment of Digestive Diseases, Hemorrhage from Stomach, etc. The house-physician in attendance, are appended, that all the facts may be presented to the profession. In the and forty drops in the commencement of the attack, before reaction was established, but the pain almost insupportable, was followed by prompt relief in my own person. Conley successful consecutive cases;" Dr.

If at the end of six minutes the patient is not unconscious, additional chloroform should be sprinkled upon the mask.

As a subsequent change, the sebaceous glands and the pigmentary layer of the skin are entirely destroyed, and we have produced the well-known smooth wliito The diagnosis of erythematous lupus, except in its earliest stage, is not generally difiBcult, though if hastily examined rt might be mistaken for a patch of dry scaly eczema or psoriasi.s, especially if, as sometimes happens, it is thickly covered with white scales.

Rational treatment of intracranial hemorrhage of the newborn price must be based on a correct diagnosis of the cause and site of the bleeding. Should a patient who accepts gratuitous aid have a right to damages for unskilful or negligent treatment? If this is to be recognized as law, surgeons will become more chary of taking such cases, or may think it necessary to protect themselves by obtaining an indemnity beforehand, in case of a mischance occurring. The vein lying to the inner side of the artery wa.s completely divided; there was also complete division of a large branch of artery spreading into the peroneus longus. Little blood evidently enters these capillaries; and when introduced, moves very tardily, and, in bad cases, is absolutely stagnant. Her genealogy, with its long line of social misfits, also seemed to substantiate this diagnosis. Rutherford explained the innervation of the heart. The author doubts the assertion of travellers, that cretinism is on" The diminution," he observes," is, I fear, more apparent than real. Of the writer's four cases operated upon, seven, five, two, and one and one-half years ago, respectively, all were alive and Dr. Of gastric ulcer there may be a possibility, but of cholelithiasis and cholecystitis there is a probability: lz.


As the public has conferred upon the whole profession certain privileges and exemptions which must be repaid by a special regard, so has the profession permitted the specialist certain exemptions and is, 500 in return, entitled to even greater considerations. If the man in the street could be persuaded, first, that experiments on animals are conducted in as humane a way as possible, and that the animal experimented upon is spared acute suffering by means of anassthetics; second, that the person engaged in experimental research is as tender-hearted, perhaps, as most people, and further that it is against his interests to cause undue pain to animals for the reason that the laws regulating these methods of investigation are very strict,'and if brutality is exercised and found out, not only will the experimenter himself be put under the ban, but the entire system will be discriminated against, and, lastly that such experiments have been of incalculable benefit to the human race, then he would not be so ready to The latest report for England and Scotland on this matter to Government was printed on June By it was shown that six out of seven experiments are of the nature of inoculations. The diet-tables are changed every few years, and the Physiciansand Surgeons continually blamed for ordering extras, (b) Under the iiuiformity system it is clear that to the little people and the Ught weights is accorded a not perfectly fair advantage in the struggle for existence. Such a reading inaugurated each discussion, and the member whose ideas had been thus succinctly set forth before his associates took part in the discussion and closed it. Our Minneapolis doctor has made quite numerous visits to the"City of the Angels" and there seems to be quite a bond of friendship between him and many members of the profession cf our southern city.

Like various other departments of science and literature, the Hindu medical system claims to be the first of its kind in the world and has lent much towards the advancement of the medical systems of other countries. Tab - it is here we learn that the greatly exaggerated legends of the ghostly"Invisible Girl" had a basis in fact as shown by a contemporary showbill of the time. They have tried a number of times to advance their price to! the consumer, so that they could pay the farmer more money and encourage him to improve the quality of his milk, but there has been such a howl raised in every newspaper, and investigations called for at the State House, that it has given the impression that they are The argument on the other side is without question that milk is largely the food of the poor, and they cannot afford to pay high prices for it; that it would create a positive hardship if the price was raised. Contrarily, mercuric and other chlorids, colloidal metals, strychnin, arsenic et alias, stimulate phagocytosis in vitro et in vivo.

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