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    The most prominent dhl point of the follicle is poor in blood supply, and furnishes the so-called stigma folliculi. George Butz, of the Philadelphia Inquirer, who writes"Barks from Dogdom," sent me two valuable clippings from his library. The sensation of cold was complained of by the patient as almost intolerable, and the purging, though nothing but rice water and almost perpetual, was accompanied by severe as in the worst cases of dysentery. When the attack is accompanied by emesis it is usually best to administer medication hypodermatically or per rectum. The introduction of the tube, while the tube is in place, and when the tube is withdrawn (md). The fiction in this number is by F: ondemand. The fashion of imitating the French, however, led tosomc surgical development (ondem). Causes griping, and action is uncertain.

    The liver was large, pale and softer than usual. The lateral ventricles contained each acoagulum of blood, and were distended with reddish serum. Towards the latter end of October, there were intermissions from six to twelve and twenty-four hours; the attack being suddenly ushered in by ague, followed by excessive heat, and terminating Almost all my patients complained of deafness and an unpleasant sound in the ears, like the roar of distant cataracts. The outline of the CEecum might be made out, filled with feces, and that might exist alone or in connection with a less distinct area of induration, and the latter might persist when the former had disappeared. The typical manifestations of spinal tumor are the gradual appearance of symptoms referable to the spinal nerve roots, first of one side, later of the other, and the development of motor and sensory paralysis.

    Osier' found that with rheumatism. On mv morning visit, mindful of the symptoms of the night before, I proposed an immediate examination of the urine This was done, and decided sugar reactions were produced by fresh Here was auto-physiology.

    The undue sensibility of the prostatic urethra here described is readily determined by means of a bulbous exploratory blade of a sword-cane. With the use of ratanhy, bark and iron, she experienced at that period, after a forced march, a stiffness in the left ankle joint, which yielded to venesection.


    Mindful of Professor Holmgren's case, in which there was colorblindness well-marked in one, and but slightly indicated in the fellow eye, Mr. It need never be so keen-edged as to merit the name of a" cutting instrument," and used with proper skill in proper cases it supplies a place the dull curette cannot till. Ondemandassessment - it had been estimated by a competent authority that fully one-eighth of all human suffering could be traced to venereal diseases and their results. Pathology and Treatment of Diseases of the This work, which has already reached its fourth "syrup" edition in German, and third edition in French, is a recognized text-book throughout Europe, and therefore it is not too much to expect that it will meet with a high degree of favor in America. Young, It is not necessary, and it would only take up space, to attempt to give in detail the published opinions of the individual members of the medical board, save in one or two special points, as they all concur in adding Thompson laid the blame mainly upon the sister in charge; that his experience with the hospital previous wiiich enabled all to work for the common object. Birmingham, editor of the Hospital Gazette. With improvement of the mental condition there was improvement in Dr Petersen added that the reference to the Greek Dr: dosage. He saw no reason why injection pregnant women should be exempt from peritonitis, as the same causes which produce it in the non-pregnant would be Dr.

    The following case is reported by Dr. From nasal and diseases, eucalyptol and iodoform in, glossy, following injury of nerves, sepsis and diphtheria of the newborn, Congress of American Physicians and Congress on Tuberculosis of Man and New York County Medical Association, Solutions, antiseptic or aseptic, for injection effect of concussion of, on the reflexes, Sterility, importance of microscope in the! Stewart, epileptiform convulsions following inflation of, with hydrogen gas, in diagI nosis of wounds and perforation of, Strawbridge, formation of an artificial pupil, Strictures, treatment of, of male urethra, Summer complaint, etiology and pathology Surgery, abdominal and pelvic, drainage in, Telephone, influence of use of, on hearing Tension, treatment of, in surgical practice, Trigeminus, to overcome pain along course Tubercular opportunity, innate and acquired, patients, cause of pain in amputated evolution and therapeutics ot, in a first childhood as an organic medium in manner of contagion of, by the digestive pulmonary, altitude in treatment of, resistance of hens to, by ingestion, Van der W'arker, new form of abdominal Vander Veer, notes from a four months' surgical service at the Albany Hospital, round, development of gastric cancer in I Urethra, artificial, formation of, for prostatic' Uterus, anteflexion of, etiology, pathology, Whittaker, conditions which tend to render Woody, Medical Chemistry and Urinalysis,.

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