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    This is the anterior forked The third longitudinal xc'm, arising from near the middle of the wing and is also branched near the extremity, forming the first posterior runs a sinuous course and is not branched. Finally, the pains appeared in the whole body, especially in the upper extremities (decided statements of time were not made by the patient).

    In each case the increase in the amount of the excretion, and therefore the increase in the amount of work performed by the excretory organs, is directly proportional to the quantity of carbon dioxide produced by the working tissues. The characteristics of which we must thank the searching investigations of Colin; again, the Punjab, where, according to Fayrer, where numerous sources of water occur, not to mention the irrigation canals, prolific sources of anophelines; finally, the dry, barren plateau of New Castile and the plains of Iran. Moreover, these last named districts are separated but by the Yucatan canal, a narrow strait, from the island of Cuba, where the fever also reigns. Granular protoplasmic matter surrounds the nucleus. , the allaying of gastric irritability, and the induction of certain constitutional control Over nervous are as follows: The salt readily combines with albumin to make an insoluble compound, the albuminate of silver; hence, when in strong solution or in' solid"stick, its granulation tissue produces a white streak of cauterization, which, by the insolubility of the compound price formed, limits the action of the caustic to the production of such shallow slough. Eyre inspectors of the department. That there should be"diversity of medical' doctrines and antagonisms of legal opinions," in causes involving the question of responsibility for acts committed by persons of doubtful mental soundness is no more to be wondered at than that intelligent persons should honestly differ in regard to any other matter of inquiry in which the facts are obscure and conflicting, or of difficult or doubtful interpretation.

    New connective tissue is equally developed in the repair of an injury, the growth of a tumor, under the stimulus of alcohol or the irritation of syphilis. It is now such a long time since illuminating gas has been in such general use that it seems a wonder that persons do exist who do not understand the common procedure of turning it off and on.

    This parable, as one may call it, is instructive in many respects, besides that of indicating the power which the physician acquires over his patient through his success in treatment. With the other hand the surface of the abdomen is depressed over the region above described as the syrup site of the ovary. Speaks Spanish and English, and has had ten years experience. " constrictioti oj the fauces," was perceived by some of those present on opening the cavities of the thorax and abdomen. The nerve fibres for muscular sense are in the posterior column, also on the same side, their decussation not occurring until they have reached the brain. Forte - in the more chronic forms of the disease incision and drainage of suppurating foci is always indicated, and, when the whole epididymis is involved in a suppurating indurated mass, it is undoubtedly advantageous to perform the operation of epididymectomy; but it is questionable whether any benefit is obtained by removal of Castration is never indicated unless the whole organ is reduced to a suppurating cavity.

    In Pott's paraplegia, moreover, the exaggeration of the cutaneous and tendon reflexes may precede other symptoms for a considerable period, and may persist after other evidences of myelitis have disappeared. I hope some of your clinic in Brussels, describes in La Clinique an attempt made under the Professor's direction to induce premature labour by means of the so-called elytropterygoid apparatus ot Chassagny. There was no blue tint in the contents of the gallbladder; the kidneys had a pinkish colour, and were much congested. When the bath is completed, the patient is lifted upon a previously prepared sofa, covered with a blanket and sheet, or upon one-half of the he is wrapped in the sheet and blanket, and allowed to dry; this is an effective antipyretic. The next day the bath and enema were repeated: shortly after quitting the bath, he had two motions. As a rule, the appetite is poor during the first two or three days, and the diet may be increased as the appetite returns, the ordinary diet being reached by the end of the first week in the If there is albuminuria or any signs of nephritis or a low urea output, the patient should be placed upon a milk or milk and cereal diet, to which bread and butter and similar articles of food may be added. The The wandering spleen is most frequently observed in the emaciated and run down; in women who have borne many children and have flabby abdominal walls, when it is usually in association with general Perisplenitis is a very frequent complication, and is the cause of the pain in the spleen complained of by many malarial patients, especially during the paroxysm.

    Boudin's much-quoted case of the ship"Argo," the water taken on board at Bona were attacked by malaria, while the sailors who drank other water remained healthy, has been the occasion of much argument.

    Winslow the clamp or ligature being preferable in doing this operation, it would seem that if the clamp and knife could be used together it would simplify things very much.


    Is rare as a primary malady, and our knowledge of it is tablet as yet slight and defective. Leprosy is ushered in by certain prodromic manifestations, to which has been given the name, period of invasion.

    The special branches going to the nucleus dorsalis are called The rami laterales go to the anterior roots and anastomose with tab the Aa. In this disease cold water is used more or less by every physician, although it is generally applied in a faulty manner. Cooke since tuberculosis, cancer, septicaemia, eczema, malarial fever, diphtheria, hay fever, etc. In both these cases the treatment was expectant.

    Ustoni breeds in fresh stream water. This in turn rellexly leads to increased heart action and dilatation of the bloodvessels of the skin, and, finally, to a cutaneous hyperemia. There is much difference of opinion as to whether iodide symptoms are more apt to be set up by large or by small (loses, but, in the writer's experience, the amount of iodism bears little or no relation to the amount of iodides given.

    Skene Keith and others, showing now necessary is the exploratory incision.

    The result was excellent, the temperature falling below normal.

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