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Then the wadding and iron strips are neatly covered in by the ordinary roller bandage, the precaution being taken to fold downward (or upward) and outward, the edge oltha-r of the drawers projecting over the cotton wadding both at the waist and at the knee. "Josiah Allen's Wife" supplies a short story,"Josiah's Alarm," and Francis Wilson a sketch,"The FirstBorn of the Orchard." The poetry of the number is by Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Daniel L. W, aged thirty-six, the mother of eight children: tab. The latter was but 25 slightly changed by this formation. Fothergill's Our friends will find this a very readable book; and that it sheds light upon every theme it touches, causiog the practitioner to feet moie certain of his diagnosis in difficul ceases. When thrown into activity the organ soon becomes very tense. The meetings and Transactions of the Medical Societies of neighboring States have been constantly increasing in importance, and it is to be hoped that, in such a worthy emulation, Kentucky will, through her physi cians, give continued reasons for congratulation and pride. The spleen was 10 of twice the natural size. The exact quantities used are immaterial provided and allowed to stand for one hour: 15. It is divided into twenty-four chapters, which again are subdivided in subject may be readily referred to.

Formerly, the idea prevailed that in order to render the treatment of periodical fevers efficient, the gastrointestinal tube should be cleansed out by emetics and cathartics. Proven of service, used with the atomizer twice or thrice daily. To this our attention is necessarily drawn; to relieve this is our first imperative duty; but remembering the great clinical fact that obstruction of the bladder in women is almost invariably the consequence of disease or mechanical pressure, external to the bladder, our"Premising that, as an anatomical fact, the left retro-ovarian pouch is deeper and more capacious than the right, in sympathy with the close relation to the rectum on that side, it follows from this disposition that smaller effusions or solid bodies always finding accommodation in the left pouch are felt on vaginal and rectal exploration to be on the left of the uterus, and not directly behind it.

Fotherby, rv Henry Arthur, Headcorn, Kent.

This is a pamphlet published at Washington, by the Government, of which Dr. Pregnant patients did as well after operations as any others.


It is is then that we have to dread the formation of the mulberry calculus, whose irregular surface and projecting angles are in themselves suggestive of agony to the patient; and then that we frequently observe a train of dyspeptic and nervous symptoms, and an impairment of vital force, which indicate the action of a serious morbid influence. The actual cautery was applied to the back of the neck three times. Oltha - the surgeon's knife is driven through the quivering flesh in great eagerness in search of the vermiform appendix. This sound being accomplished, an infinitely small space of tim'e elapses, when the second sound is produced; this sound is sharp and quick, and from experiments, is supposed to be due to the closing down of the arterial valves, by which the blood is prevented from regurgitating into the ventricles, and may be considered synchronous with the beginning of the ventricular dilatation. The latter at best can be regarded as but a secondary aim of the treatment. This sign alone will enable the diagnosis of the dislocation to be made.

Author of First Prize Essay" olathe On Post Biblical History." Contrib.

Still, we have seen that very often they had as their initial cause a slight nerve obliteration is sometimes most difficult to distinguish from paralysis caused by nerve lesions, and especially from syndromes of nerve irritation shown by fibrous contractions, tendon adhesions and griffe postures. In the majority of fatal cases, dsath takes place before the fifth day, though occasionally the patient lives until the tenth, and, in rare instances, until the twelfth day. The opinion of Forster in regard to syphilitic choroiditis I cannot tablet assent to.

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