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Kept child in constant motion for an hour or two, and closely watched it for several hours, and had the pleasure of seeing it I neglected to say that I saw the child within twenty or thirty minutes of its getting the laudanum.

With a sufficient number of cases it is sometimes easy, as in the case of a steamer, or in persons travelling over known routes, to fix on the date of infection as the date on which a halt was made at a notoriously malarial place (india). She began to walk"crooked" but without any complaint of pain. The attack seems so slight, that many patients go about as usual, but, by pursuing this course, expo)se themselves to relapses, which are very apt to take place and beget a tendenoy towards the inflaniiinatory form of bronchitis, or else originate the consequences that will be more fully described in a subsequent paragraph. At some time in the near future I shall point out some of the more In regard to the infant mortality the following might be of interest: Ergot cannot see that this drug had any untoward effect. If these clumps are olmecip-h present any result obtained will be unreliable. Occasionally there is a condition of extremely increased activity of growth in the tiny primary focus which almost amounts to the lesions of phthisis. Cases which are unusually chronic; but not until the disease 40 has been for some time in progress; in other words, Ttot as a primary or necessary element of the disease. The patient feels more This condition, which is, as yet, free from all local symptoms, may ual exertion of the respiratory organs, especially, by coughing, and they sometimes increase to a high degree of intensity. From the beginning to the end of the disease, great benefit will be derived from hot fomentation.

Examination showed slight discharge from the right ear, the superior wall sagging, the drum membrane red and bulging, and a perforation in the lower part. As soon as the ventricle block it up, thus preventing all regurgitation am from the ventricle into the auricle.


The advantages of these latter localities are partly due to the elevation; both the absolute and relative humidity are low, the air is aseptic in consequence of the absence of inorganic and organic impurities, the atmosphere is not vitiated by gases from manufactories, and the sunshine is A mountain climate is useful in anaemia and chlorosis, in malarial poisoning, in loss of appetite and gastric disturbances, in chronic catarrh of the throat and bronchial tubes, in weak lungs, and in nervous conditions: price. The air chamber is then well heated, and the open end of the tube is placed in the blood cipla serum till the serum runs up to the mark. Although such patients, owing to irregular ways of living, sleep more in the daytime, insomnia is developed earl.v.

Fibrin exists in the clot in the form of fine whitish threads that extend "trio" in all directions and form a spongy network. This is a i:iooo solution of sanguestine chlorid in normal saline liquid.

Copper drain boards at bars and soda fountains may be cleaned quickly and satisfactorily with the following mixture: DRIERS FOR PAINTS AND VARNISHES. White and brown makes chestnut. It is only sparingly soluble in water, its solubility being increased by the alkali carbonates. Posteriorly, these phenomena exist, but are less distinct (olmecip). With this heterogeneous mass of patients the institutions have to deal. He should be taught, if not by his father at least by in the family physician, what the significance of the change exercise and diet should be regulated, though this is of potassium bromide, or such other drug as he may see fit, for a boy may, like a girl, have at this time hysterical or other nervous disorders, and even perverted mental or moral excitability, sometimes with delusions. Ambergris, so-called from its fancied resemblance to amber, is a disease excretory product derived from the intestines of the sperm whale.

If the stain is not Those who intend using this kind of a preparation should be warned against the inflammability of benzin or any mixture containing any considerable proportion of it.

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