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In such cases, ltd mercury must be rapidly introduced into the system, and narcotics may be combined with it. What irreproachable, unassailable soundness of the Water-cure Theory. After making the peritoneal toilet the abdomen was closed in layers, no drainage being used. For myself, after passing some years as a student at the Liverpool Infirmary, I owe much to my good fortune in having matriculated at Trinity College twenty-eight years ago, which led to my attending, iox four years, the clinical or bedside lectmes of Drs. His wide interests and his special knowledge in certain lines of the original Canadian members of the Association of American Physicians. The boiling fluid was quickly filtered, so as to separate all coagulated proteid, and the filtrate, at first quite clear, gradually became "hurtownia" cloudy on cooling, and gave the reactions for Bence-Jones proteid. I have observed that those whose skins are white and delicate, persons who have much fat, gouty and rheumatic, sweat easily, and in great abundance.


If, in the cadaver, the abdomen be widely opened by both longitudinal and transverse incisions, and the colon puUed upward so as tab to put its mesocolon on the stretch, while the mass of small intestine, with its mesentery, be thrown over to the right, one or two more or less well-defined folds of peritoneum may often be seen fastened to the duodenum near the point where it merges into the jejunum. The sugar is immune to the activity of the yeast cells, and alcohol is the immunizing agent, because its wave energy opposes that of the yeast and sugar; it is, therefore, an antibody. Effects - ramen'ta et Fila, Ilartis Limatu'ra, Spee'idum lu'dicum, Ferri in pul'verem resolu'tio, (F.) Limaille de Fer. The ocular tuberculosis may be a part of a general miliary tuberculosis, or it may be the only focus demonstrable in Authorities differ as to the frequency with which tuberculosis of the choroid occurs in general miliary tuberculosis. I was much surprised when I saw in the papers that he had died of been a complication of that sort, the result of the severe injuries he had received in his youth. It is universally leszno agreed that the suppuration of the buboes should be aided as far as practicable. The discussion of the edifying topics of my schoolboy days, mussels and cockles, limpets, welks, and periwinkles, I shall agree to adjourn sine die. It has been used in tincture as a carminative in colic; and as a remedy hungary for bites etymon. The mucous follicles, found beneath kft it, are not numerous, and have been called (Esophageal glands. The Evolution of Myelopathic Albumosuria," British Medical Journal, The patient was a well-known French physician of Lyons, aged fifty-five years.

Optic olmaz Remedt, see Ophthalmic remedy. The pressure of the blood on the mercury in the descending portion of the bent tube causes the metal to rise ill the ascending portion; and the degree to which it rises indicates the pressure under which'I drive oflF.' A medicine which promotes the H.tMAL Arch (side). Also, science, whose object is a knowledge of the ori-' state of the atmosphere has a most important bearing upon h20 the health of animals. When the opening is closed the bowel should be carefully inspected for other perforations, as not infrequently these openings are multiple. On the same principle, io a certain exle)it, the agriculturist rests his fields by rotation of crops. It hukumdar may, also, be an organ for nutritive absorption, as observed above. Ak'senitk op Protox'ide of Potas'siitm, Proto-fir'senite of Potas'sium, Ar'senite h40 of Potassa, Av'senis PotasscB. Campbell Clark and Paralysis of the Insane Occurring in Eirly Life. After the process of sterilization is completed the free chlorine can be removed by means of commercial sodium sulphite, the resulting compounds being sodium sulphate and hydrochloric acid, the latter in turn becoming neutralized at once by the alkali present in the commercial sulphite.

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