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Shivering frequently occurs when one rises from bed on a cold morning, and yet wholly disappears, together with the sense of coldness that accompanies it, after a plunge into very cold water.

The retardation is rarely uniform, as would be expected in merely simple retardation of the mental development.


In twenty-five different camps there was an average mortality of over thirty per cent.

Uses - it is, finally, self-evident, that there are also mixed forms of salpingitis. This I call the"triangle of fire." It is the sorest spot in most colds. Septic throat conditions are not seldom accompanied by signs of peritoneal Strangulation and torsion of the omentum and marked torsion of ovarian or other tumors may cause or simulate the symptoms of acute ileus; in the omental condition the diagnosis is almost never made except through operation unless the torsion takes place in a hernial sac, when sudden increase in the size of the hernial tumor may indicate the cause. Prolapsus of the womb, only, as a rule, much less pronounced. So beautifully balanced is our organisation, that though to the incurious and unobservant eye it may seem only to possess the attributes of a wonderful and exqtiisite piece of mechanism, to him who, with reverence for Nature, seeks to penetrate farther into its hidden mysteries the science of physiology shows that it is something greatly Never, it is seen, is the action of the whole body, or of anv of its parts, the same for many seconds together.

These may be dissolved in one-third of a glass of Mix the two solutions and drink while effervescence continues. Should the tumor be large the physical deformity is great. I reached the patient, after a journey of one was lying on her back; her face was anxious; abdomen swollen and tympanitic; liver dulness much diminished. The only safe and reliable guides are the external and internal pelvic measurements, and if these measurements are normal or approximately so (with hardly any exception) cesarean section is not indicated. To provide for the temporary care of persons suffering from mental diseases, who are in the military or naval service of the United States.

We do not pretend to explain the nature of thefe concurrent difpofitions, tab but reft contented with the certainty of the fadl: thus, it is univerfally known, that the fmall-pox, the meafles, and the hooping-cough, fcarcely ever feize the fame perfon twice j but who is there that can explain the nature of the alterations which are made in the body, and leave it fo difpofed, that the morbific matter fhall not have the power of producing difturbance in the animal oeconomy a fecond time? And thus it frequently happens, that two perfons of the fame family Hiall be inoculated for the fmall-pox at the fame hour, and with all apparent circumftances alikej and yet one fhall take the infedion, and the other efcape it: the like may be obferved with refped to other infedious difeafes; in regard to which, fome people are now and then found fo happy as to want the peculiar difpofition which is necefTary to concur with the morbific matter before the difeafe can be Since thefe morbific matters feem to be efTentially different, and to pofTefs peculiar powers of producing changes in the living body, which, fo far as the circumftances of age, fex, and conftitution will allow, are invariable and uniform, it follows, that were we fo happy as to find out things endowed with virtues to counterad the diiferent fpecies of morbific matter, we fhould then obviate or corred the ill effeds of each. At once the fever abates and the temperature may fall to normal within a few hours; headache and pain will cease and a sense of complete relief will be experienced.

The former failed; the latter, though he hoped their power of setting up siphon-action would be of service, proved not superior hydrochlorate of cucaine, performing the needle-operation for lameUar dropped three times, at intervals of ten minutes. Its characteristic is the discoloration of the skin by deposits of pigment material. The lungs may be comprefled, and the freedom of their motions reftrained, by colledHons of water, purulent matter, or blood, in the cavity of the thorax; by fwellings of the abdomen of the different vifcera, or from the bulk of a There is an order mg of difeafes wherein difficulty of breathing forms the predominant and diftinguifhing fymptomj it is alfo a very frequent and an alarming fymptom in fevers, owing partly to the fpafmodic conftridlion, and partly to the general increafe of velocity in the vafcular fyftem, which When the lungs become the feat of an inflammation, then difficulty of breathing, accompanied with pain and coughing, makes up the greateft fhare of the difeafe; difficulty of breathing is often a fymptom in hysterical difeafes, and in thefe cafes ufually proceeds from flatus, or other offenfive matters pent up in the alimentary canal. When milk can be procured fresh and pure, plenty of it should be used. Are several authentic cases of small-pox at Waterville, Maine. Among them a the highly seasoned and rich foods, which should be placed under the ban during the period of gestation. Under the raoht trying circurustaticee, and under conditions that were often most diuagreeable and distressing, these women and men rendered niagnificent service; they were able, willing, tirelens and uncomplaining.

In this way the aspiration was accomplished with very slight discomfort to the pa ient. Often it is well to coincide with his ideas and bar the doors and windows and thus encourage the belief that the enemies are without, and he is safe within. The illustration of the oldest form of pneumatic cabinet, that of Tabarie, is of interest in connection with the recent introduction in this tablet country of more nearly perfect forms of The Surgical Diseases of Children. But if the obftacles fhould continue, the circulation cannot poffibly be carried on with eicher freedom or equability; the fecretions will be perverted, and the febrile conteft between the force exerted from the center, and the refiftance made from the circumference, being thus kept up, the eiTential fymptoms will not only increafe in violence, and grow more diftreffing, but they will foon be followr ed by others which may be held as accefTory, fuch as violent pain, greatoppreffion, diiHculty of breathing, and delirium; and thefe fymptoms already mentioned as efiential and accelTory will be fucceeded by fuch as are ftill more deflrudive and alarming j a coma, for inftance, or perpetual dofing, fpafms, infenfibility, cold fvveats, and in the end death, unlefs things take a favourable turn, and the offenfive matters v;hich keep up the irritation and conftriition Ihall either be fubdued or affimilated, or be difcharged and thrown out from the circulation by haemorrhage, fweat, ftool, urine, expedoration, cutaneous eruption, or critical In tracing the progrefs of a fever, we may obferve that there are two remarkable ftages; the cold fit, which begins the attack, and the heat which necefiarily fucceeds it.

O'Dwycr, a poor-law guardian, and only were given, that the contents of the smaller bottle were for rubbing in, and those of the larger were to be drunk.

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