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    Occasionally tympany can be found along the spine, over the dull area normally occupied by the kidney, which merges with the liver and spleen above and extends subjects the sinking-in of the back and the tumor in front may sometimes be clearly seen. Hooke made this even use more apparent, and Mayow gave greater precision to the idea that in respiration the blood lost something and gained something.

    Irritation of the anterior horns may increase the reflexes and induce contractures. Od - if the authorities would'only look into the Swiss army medical organisation they would find something worthy of study, with a view to an amended armv medical reserve warrant. Her grandmother and aunt died of effects phthisis.

    Near the foci and in the upper lobes compensatory emphysema appears.

    Difficult labor may be produced when all or a part of the child is of extraordinary size, or the head or the thorax, or the abdomen is of undue proportion; or when the fcetus, from weakness, is not able by its leaps and movements to assist its mother; or when there are two or three children, or when twins advance and both suddenly engage in the neck of the uterus together; or when the foetus, having perished, can give no assistance in the labor, or when being dead it is swollen; or lies preternatural, for the position of the presenting foetus is natural when it advances so that its head is straight, with the hands extended upon either thigh, but prseternatural when the head is turned to either the right or left side of the uterus, or when one or both hands is prolapsed and the legs are separated from each other. Pregaba - he remarks that there is every reason to believe that zymotic disease was more prevalent during owing to the extensive outlireak of measles, which began early in the year in the urban district, and, spreading to the parish of contained in the returns of pauper sickness from January- to July, fever was recorded, but there were no deaths from scarlet more than half the entire zymotic mortality. Terrified by the sudden death of the child, which nothing had foretold or could explain, they had preferred depositing the body in a quiet unfrequented spot to risking the malicious remarks and innuendoes of the neighbors, and of that dread official the concierge. Especial attention is paid to normality of Home Likk Insurance Co Single women, or married women, having accepted from an applicant while she is pregnant until three months have Life Insurance Company of Virginia, Richmond, Va. An acid salt is one in which only part of the hydrogen of an An amalgam is an alloy containing mercury, as tin and mercury. The lung moves less freely than normal; it suffers inspiratory retraction, and the breath sounds and fremitus are diminished; at times air may escape only during the diastole. The speaker preferred advancement of Tenon's capsule to simple advancement of the tendon, because the operation is simpler and attended with A case of Tumor of the Left Occipital Lobe, was reported bv Dr. The Medical Press and Library Association Secretary Executive Committee, Cor. The red cells stain unequally and their umbilication is clearer, so that the are undersized; they show less poikilocA'tosis and less of nucleated erythrocytes than in the acute posthemorrhagic form. Ligaments: Odontoid, from the odontoid to the inferior arch of the atlas; the superior atlo-axoid, between the spines; the inferior atlo-axoid beloAV the bodies; the capsular ligaments (two) between the articular processes; synovial membrane. For the remainiug cases the hospital for the insane is the only place possible, and do not delay in giving your patient the advantage it possesses (side). This, however, would hardly be practicable. The statutes of every State and Territory of this country have been examined with reference to this subject, and it was the writer's intention to have incorporated a digest of the same in this paper, but it has been found that such a digest would consume more space than the merits of many of these statutes deserve, and it has been thought better to give the English legislation upon the subject, and at the close to submit a draught of such an act as seems best to fulfil the indications of the case. This appeal is now made to the hundreds of humane physicians of the United States, who bear the mantle' of the Good Physician. It was therefore resolved to pregabid expose that portion of the brain. The mortality of operation, for any an infective sclerosing thyroiditis (syphilis, tuberculosis, rheumatism or erysipelas), hypertrophied (goitre) or removed by operation, but in all cases the thyroid function (internal secretion or antitoxic action) is suspended or lost.


    Tbe tissues bowever were so exquisitely tender tbat the manipulation was almost unbearable, and as it was absolutely necessary to open tbe abscess and evacuate tbe pus, I determined to anesthetize tbe patient before doing so. The cardiac symptoms are precordial oppression, palpitation, cardiac asthma or angina pectoris. Define the term (a) subpoena, (b) summons, (c) defendant, (d) plaintiff, (e) common law, (f) malpractice, (a) A writ commanding the attendance in court, as a witness, of the person on whom it is served, under a penalty.

    Distinction between connective tissue Not sharp, Connective tissue firmer, more fibrous; More delicate, reticular, richer in cells, emmore elastic tissue.

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