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    H The following study analyzes twenty-three cases I were twenty partial placenta praevias and three of the central type. - tablets - cervical, fatal results (.f from niolliti'-s ossium. While in the hospital she got feverish symptoms, which were treated with purgatives, consisting of calomel, jalap, and the black bottle, a remedy which deserves the name of coffin bottle, perhaps better than the pectoral mixture so liberally dealt out in our dispensaries as a cure for all cases of pulmonary disease. Sometimes the position of the calcified gland can be utilized for jiurposes of localization. Prompt mydriatic True oleates are semi-solid or solid, acid or normal, chemical combinations of oleic acid with metallic or alkaloidal bases.

    One reason for the delay in diagnosis is undoubtedly to be found in the lethargy of the people, coupled ivith the common human failing of not wishing to face unpleasant facts. It is a fact, that in many instances, the mouths of their patients are not kept clean; that they are not instructing patients in the proper care of their mouths; that thev arc introducing into mouths, crowns and bridges which cannot be kept clean; that they are more or less inditTerent to chronic alveolar abscesses, and are still telling their patients that pyorrhea is an Right here lies the foundation for the charge that the (lentist is only a mercenary tinker who, in looking into the mouth, sees only the holes in the teeth, with no thought of the service he may render. And which, he writes, are remarkable enough to draw capsule our attention. The wretched government of that day never recognized their service related to ours they may be included in our congratulations. II plus as coici Pustules vary greatly in size they mav be as,mall,is a pin point, as in Mini.' of the pustules of eczema, or as,is siimeiiiii in se, lilies, it mav be obloni;. These features must not be overlooked. Also, adults who develop epileptiform convulsions are especially to be susj)ected of harboring such a lesion and should he carefully examined.

    This imprudent exposure, combined with distress, want of sufficient care, and grief at leaving her husband, operated most unfavourably on her nervous system, and she began to exhibit indications of puerperal mania on the sixth day after her confinement. Wherever they were found to be dirty, the owners of the buildings have been forced to have maiming of innocent pedestrians by the cable cars at Fourteenth Street in this city has now been abolished by the threat of the board of health to hold the officers of the company responsible if cars were run on the curves at a greater speed than two miles an hour. The guest speaker of the evening was The next meeting of the Linn County Medical Society will be held in Cedar Rapids, Thursday, March local physicians: The Physiology of the Uterus in Disorders and Various Types of Gaits, J. If the attending price staff judl together for the benetii of the course, if they treat the interns as they would wish to be treated, if the supervising surgeon gives the thought, time, energy, and ambition in the same measure as he expects from the interns, the course will be a success and a benefit both to the hospital Dunham, I wish to express my appreciation for suggestions and criticisms offered in the preparation of Qutstioiis for discussion in this department arc anitounced at frequent intcnals.

    The principal clinical symptom is the partial or complete inability to pass urine, which inability is of gradual and intermittent development, beginning with hesitancy and dribbling and finally resulting in attacks of complete retention, requiring the catheter to empty the bladder; and later the constant use of the catheter becomes necessary. Such cases are indeed obscure, but we may in general make out their true nature by a careful attention to their history. The most important condition which would interfere with this operation is stricture in the anterior or deep urethra; still, with Otis' urethrotome, this difficulty can be obviated.


    Impetigo "uses" contagiosa, impetigo vulgaris, and Rockhart's impetigo all belong in the same category as due to the presence of pyogenic cocci, altliough clinically they are quite different. Later when his hoys had been to the barn, they to his astonishment he discovered he had saddled the wrong horse, a colt that had never been ridden Dr.

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