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The need of such wards has been urgently felt for many years, many infants being annually sacrificed owing to the impossibility of giving them consistently skilled and careful nursing. It was because he failed to make all of these observations and comparisons, that Bischoff reproaches Willis for not having seen that the accessory sent tomice scientia, non mirum est Willisium non Tperspexisse quod sit accessorium inter et vagum vera ratio" etc. The Council recorded itself as being favorable to a dog muzzling ordinance looking to the suppression of rabies.

After a few days of extraordinarily high and irregular temperature, during which she begged me to operate on the second ear, I discovered that her high temperature and rigors coincided with the advent of a recently-filled hot water-bottle, and I gave her such a scolding that I believe she has never forgiven me. Such plans were not the fruits of caprice, nor the ipse dixits of great and famous physicians, but represented the knowledge and wisdom of their times.

I see no reason, however, why it might not occasionally happen when the fragments have been broken, but not actually separated from each other through their entire thickness; nor, indeed, that it might not happen whenever the fragments having been completely separated are again, and at an early day, brought into with an equally close fibrous union, and the conclusion is that the fibrous union is likely to be the strongest, and, therefore, the best.

If these are to be set low, then I fail to see what particular interest the entire matter of revision has for our profession. The veins of the neck, head and upper extremities and thorax are swollen. I gave up my career in health education and became a secretary so composition I could spend the time necessary to fmd law firms to represent me (I had eight law firms, one law school and the New York Civil Liberties Union), raise money for expenses, and attend depositions around the country to get at the truth.

It is now generally agreed that the formation of the red chromatin-staining constituent results from a hydrolytic splitting off of methyl groups from the methylene blue. A large sans age- like body,, somewhat tender on pressure, was felt in the left ilem; the child was not particularly heated or feverish; tongue clean and natural. A solution of tar is about as inexpensive a disinfectant as can be used. Lubricating the vessel facilitates dilating the artery with a hemostat; the vaselin also makes it slip over the cuffed-back vein easier. The optic nerve was torn through.


Tracheotomy was sometimes called for in cases where much hemorrhage was to be anticipated, or the diseased tissues were of wide extent. It was permanent, and due, as was afterwards ascertained, to a lesion in the opposite caused by the permanent vascular lesion, then it seems to me more than probable that the temporary hemianopia was caused by the temporary vascular changes which had been periodically recurrent over a long period of The importance of vaso-motor action, and especially of vaso-dilation, is further attested"It was no uncommon occurrence with her in the severe seizures for the violence of the spasm to occasion.

Epidemics of this sort occurred also during the nineteenth century, and descriptions of them among the early settlers in Kentucky have been given by Eobertson and Yandell.

Alexander Bruce and the present writer recorded a case belonging to this morning he complained of extreme giddiness, deafness, and noises in the left ear, and the left side of the face was paralysed. In this work the Board had been greatly assisted by the public press, but the presj itself has been stimulated by the work of the Board. Acidum sulphurosum, a solution of sulphurous acid gas in water for medical purposes, is best prepared, according to by passing the gas from four ounces of copper turnings, and eight fluid ounces of sulphuric acid into four pints of water, and preserving the solution in small bottles well filled and well This is a colorless solution, with a strong acid taste and reaction, and the well-known odor of burning sulphur. The individual muscles will bear exercise in this way from five to fifteen minutes, and the applications may be repeated about twice Every physician employing electricity as a remedy should give the necessary time and attention to the applications, and should resist the inclination to get through with them as quickly as possible, when numerous and fatiguing. Its frequent coincidence with exorbitant fatty accumulation, scrofula, rachitis, and its causal connexion with the diseases thus named, can be as little denied as that of scrofula with a certain form of keratitis, or that of rachitis, with bronchial and intestinal catarrh. The buccal mucosa, diagnostic of incipient measles: obolim.

Price - we call it rheumatoid arihritis. S.s, Cribriform, the perforations of the fovea hemisphaerica for the passage of the filaments of the auditory of the ovum (capsules). There is difficulty in always getting a postmortem. I took occasion last summer, at the meeting of the National Fraternal Congress, to mention that the rates of the National Fraternal Congress Table, in their opinion are adequate, and yet I ventured to say that if the mortality of twenty years ago were maintained to-day, notwithstanding all the calculations of the actuaries, their Table of rates to-day would be absolutely useless, and every fraternal order would be insolvent.

With slight lesions it may pass off entirely. They should be divided into two classes: (A) Applicants giving a history of syphilis, with a negative Wassermann Test; (B) applicants, with a history of syphilis, accepted without a Wassermann Test. Instead, of apathy or indifference there may be an extraordinary degree of physical and mental restlessness.

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