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Then, too, we have no control over the animal after operation such as w'e would have over a patient. The ability to cope with tension and with polar values has been recognized as the criterion of a free man by social philosophers as widely divergent as de Tocqueville and Buber, and one of the traditional roles of the college has been to aid youth always faced with uncertainties which are never comfortable. For this reason I have given up the mixed wax and oil and use only the pure beeswax.

To conclude I cannot do better than repeat the noble words of your honored presiding officer,"salus populi suprema lex" and would add the simple thought, that to be permitted even in a humble way to work in the cause of preventing disease, of protecting the health and the lives of the ignorant and helpless, is worthy the ambition of the most ambitious; that in this work sanitary laws and health ordinances, both state and local, must be conceived with full knowledge, and enacted in practical wisdom, but even then will fail miserably unless supported by sane public opinion and enforced by a medical profession, every member of which is generously equipped for great responsibilities. Jacobi, and he has ventured to do so in an address delivered before the International Medical Congress in Paris. It is, of course, analysis of the qualitative kind, and the object of our researches may be said, in a word, to be to distinguish substances by colour, and, as such, is not confined to spectrum analysis. In every case, their skin had been unexposed or minimally exposed to sunlight during the hours before entering sunlight, and washed with soap and water four hours before sunbathing. Thus with an organized medical society, neocef with a regular periodical, a little library of books, and a case full of proven remedies, the homceopathist of this period finds himself infinitely better prepared to cope with the disease of his patient, and the rancor of his professional neighbor, than was Hahnemann thirty years before. It cannot be doubted that suffering humanity is deeply indebted to that distinguished physician for the introduction of chloroform as an agent in annihilating the sense of pain, since it leaves nothing to be desired, either as to the facility with which it may be administered, the rapidity of its action, the completeness of its narcotic effect, or the persistence of the sedative molar teeth from a gentleman; on the stumps of bicuspids from a lady; and I have this day removed seven decayed and broken teeth from a young lady of a highly nervous temperament, and suffering from hysteria in a severe degree. Special care was taken to preserve the spermatic cord; many surgeons, like DlONlS, held it to be justifiable only in the case of priests to combine castration with this operation. These few lines are written with the hope that they may induce some who need a pleasant holiday trip, to take advantage nurocef-o of the arrangements which the secretary of the association has One of the most common morbid conditions the physician is called upon to treat is sleeplessness. In conclusion, I believe that of all the special foods which are more or less highly praised and introduced to our notice, this Carnrick Food merits the preference. Since this suppression, has suffered from excessive mental depression, and has at no time since the chancre felt any of the suppressing a hard chancre, how far does the above description suggest the" healthy organism" on which alone, under our rules, a substance can be reliably proved? Another prover, to whom the record is indebted for sixty-one symptoms, is described as being" subject to slight catarrh of days after taking lac caninum, and symptoms of sick-headache occurring forty-six days afterward, credited to the power of that substance, administered in the two-hundredth 200 and thousandth attenuations! It must also be added that this proving was made during the menstrual period. Some changes rendered necessary by the scientific requirements of the times were another form by the subject of physiology being added to it, and consisted of an anatomical part devoted to a practical testing of the candidate's knowledge of osteology and physiological part including histology. For about one-third of the extent of the inguinal canal, which is about one inch and a half or two inches in length, the protruded portion of intestine or omentum would be covered after its peritoneal investment, and the tubular prolongation of the fascia transversalis, by the transversalis and internal oblique muscles crossing it, and, after getting under the lower border of the latter muscle, it receives another covering from the cremaster: it lies upon,.first, the fascia transversalis and cord, and then on the conjoined fibres (which have curved round it) of the transversalis and internal oblique; and, as the stricture is but very rarely met with at the external ring, it will be evident that the muscular structures above alluded to must materially influence and contribute to the difficulties experienced in the reduction of hernia when situated in the first practice a few weeks past in thefemale, one on inhalation of ether, reduced; that on the left ON THE TREATMENT OF STRANGULATED HERNIA. People subject to pneumonia were directed to live in an atmosphere of even temperature; in winter, for example, in a heated For cooling the air of the sick room AFFLACIUS recommended that an arrangement should be made so that drops of water should continually fall to the ground and there evaporate. From a table we learn also that there is much greater liability to this accident in infancy than in adult life, or even in childhood, and that death in most of the cases took place before the termination of the first week; but in many cases life was prolonged much beyond this time. The result is nearly the same to the patient, but the amount and intimacy of xjclvic adhesions are matters of very much greater moment. The proper hepatic corpuscles in the frog, it is true, resemble very closely the white corpuscles of the blood, but from these they may be distinguished by their size and composition. Our judgment must be entirely in favour of the latter. The urine showed an abundance of 100mg albumen, but I was unable to obtain a suitable specimen, and do not know the per cent of albumen or its microscopical appearance.


In the first, he observes that both intravenous as well as subcutaneous injection of the hydrochlorate of morphine accelerates respiratory movements, succeeded by a period of retardation, and produces sometimes a momentary arrest or respiratory syncope. But in a few cases its action has been the reverse; and tliese have been instances, I think, in which fatty change has taken place, and the impulse has been weak against the parietes.

The second feature in the case is the"summons." Mr. Cormack as the know that the truth is in the facts, and not in the mind vi'hich observes A CASE IN MEDICAL JURISPRUDENCE. These careful anatomical researches must necessarily lead to important conclusions with reference to renal phenomena both normal and abnormal.

The few efforts which are in existence are widely separated and are not formally organized or specifically identified for support.

By Henry Hartshorne, This Conspectus will be found to be a very excellent and efficient text-book for the use of the student in his attendance upon a course of medical lectures. No alteration was made in the medical curriculum, although it was in many respects in need of strict instructions as to the way in which they should conduct their teaching and the text-books were mentioned which were to form the basis of their lectures. Hanchett's teachings on these subjects are therefore, to say the least, anachronistic, and, to say the full truth, potentially most mischievous to those not having the fixed and high convictions which render such teaching both unnecessary What to Do in Cases of Poisoning. These, as do all the officers, serve one year. It will be held in the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanics Association Building on Huntington Avenue, Boston, beginning at five p.m., and continuing monocef-o through the evening, and From five to eight p.m., there will be a coffee-party or high tea, with refreshment tables, under the charge of matrons and assistants. This is a sound opinion and upon which the author, in our view, should In dealing with sterility Taylor brings out a fact that is becoming as was formerly supposed, always due to the wife, but he states, and his observations are quite correct, that one case in six is due to a condition of'sterility in the male. With a constipated state of the bowels, was short cough and hurried breathing, for which and powders containing gr.

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