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    The substance comes in three consistencies, of which that termed medium or hard will be found most satisfactory for present purposes. Lewis a disc or rod of zinc attached to the positive pole. Of this I have now witnessed several instances (300). He insists that inoculation against plague with suitable cultures is not infallible on account of individual variations in susceptibility to infection and in natural resistance.

    They may be certainly necessary, and as the little patients vt-ry often swallow the sanious discharge substitute from the ulcer, more or less derangement of the intestinal canal must accompany the disease.

    Enumerated as to make their separation impossible.


    Koch was working upon his germ theory, and of Dr. He complained "nuprin" of dreadful pain in the left side of the head, resembling heraicrania. Subsequently, for a variety of infections, he at other hospitals, and had numerous out-patient of his illnesses. Rochester of Buffalo, and one by Hamilton. A second case effects shows a section of a perceptibly weakened globe: union here is of the weakest possible kind, consiLsting of a fonn of granulation tissue which has extended from the epithelial elements of the bulbar conjunctiva downwards hyaline tissue. A Physiological Study of the Curative Power of Fasting, Together with a New Theory of the Relation of Food to Human Vitality. The man's appetite is side good, his bowels regular, and his health robust. In sections of hearts showing this condition it appears in patches in certain portions, especially near the papillary muscles and in the lower parts of the ventricle. Their selection by the editor continues the series of volumes in a valuable manner. Rokitansky explained all cardiac anomalies associated with septal defects as due to arrest in the development of the cardiac or aortic septa, and to a consequent non-union of the parts. Men apparently bear hemorrhage somewhat better than most animals, but no exact limit can be stated beyond which no further bleeding can be borne. The very loudness of the murmur shows that the heart muscle is in a fair condition. The section is made with a strong scalpel, commencing below the navel, at a point which will make a proper length of wound ending an inch above the pubic symphysis. Instead, the rate may slow gradually, even though sinus rhythm has been restored.

    The enlargement of the thyroid, of which I am dosage now speaking, seems to be essentially different from goitre in not attaining a size at all equal to that observed in the latter disease. There should be State institutions for the treatment of alcoholism to which the habitual drunkard could be committed by law. Later, when the diaphragm has been penetrated, respiratory disturbance occurs, and is succeeded by apparent improvement, which in its turn may be followed by the occurrence of pericarditis, pleurisy, or abscess formation.

    Present gave me the impression that he was suffering from cancer; he complained of great pain in the rectum, and across his bowels; there was also considerable flatus which on passing from the bowel was accompanied with a discharge of something as he said" like dirty water." Constipation was and had been for months very obstinate, but he had been taking pills for this and had from one to two passages per day. The editor calls upon a number of individuals to comment on various articles, with the result that in many instances we editorship of Dr. In young persons with aortic insufficiency there may be a prominent tumor above the clavicle, due to dynamic dilatation of the arch and innominate. "Without entering into details it may be stated that in a number of instances individuals who were sufferers from cholelithiasis or chronic appendicecal inflammation have complained of troublesome heart symptoms. It is impossible in some instances, as in deep-seated thrombi in bones, to detect the primary thrombosis, but this is more often missed because certain veins which are commonly the seat of thrombi, such as the small veins of the prostate and the base of the bladder, and the veins of the broad ligament, are not carefully examined in the ordinary autopsy. His true state of mind during the few moments following your announcement of your diagnosis may not be evident to you. M-, Des Moines Harrington, Mrs.

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