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    It may proceed from excesses in quantity, or from particular kinds of food, the indigestibility of the latter, perhaps, showing an idiosyncrasy of the person affected; thus, ices, salads, shell-fish, etc., in some persons always, and occasionally in all, give rise to transient diarrhoea. There is no simple nupenta-d remedy for this condition. The claim has repeatedly been made that inasmuch as the bacteriologic researches have shown that all of the gunshot wounds are infected more or less, the first aid dressing can lay no claim to preventing the usual number of septic complications. If from any reason the cream does not agree with the baby, condensed milk with barley water, a little salt, and possibly the addition of a little lime water. The three following remedies, however, produced drug a complete cure as an eliminative and ectropic. Whatever benefit may be derived from it, therefore, is not to be explained on the ground of its topical application to the diseased surface.

    On superficial observation the patients are thought to be deaf.


    It is not, by any means, always an easy task for the experienced physician to effect an entrance into the cervix; it often elicits pain, and for a patient herself to attempt it, would be like "medicine" the attempt of an individual to draw his own tooth. A genus of plants, of the order Composit,B, severa Bpecies of which have been employed as has the properties of a mild aromatic, tonic and astringent. The popular belief that alcoholic liquors are necessary in the treatment of snake bite has been abundantly shown to be without foundation. The percentage of benefited decreased as dsr the duration of the disease increased.

    After opening, a boil should be dressed with compresses wet with boracic acid solution, or with a five percent solution of common salt (usage). The number of occasionally complained of, and sometimes exists in a distressing degree, owing to the feeble circulation from the thickened state of the blood. Feebleness and irregularity of the pulse in the second, and sometimes in the first, stage, constitute an indication for digitalis which, however, should not be given sufficiently to retard unduly the heart's action. Her sleep was irregular, bowels constipated (capsule). The facts in the case are what are wanted and in reviewing them a careful analaysis is necessary.

    In health the amount of carbon dioxide in the body is greatly decreased by exercise whereas in the case of persons suffering from disease of the heart the amount of carbon dioxide may be increased to nearly fifty per "use" cent above the normal. The skin then has a greenish color and a bitter taste and contains uses a considerable amount of solanin. The coma which sometimes follows an ei)ileptic paroxysm bears a resemblance to apoplexy. By the employment of such precautionary measures as soon as indicated, multitudes of children might be saved from this disease tablet who now perish. Less of this drug nupenta-dsr is required to produce slowing of the respiration than there is of codein, and ten times the amount can be given witliout toxic effect. After an attack it is common for the expectoration to be more or less colored with haematin for several days. To determine whether in tubercular tissues elements occur foreign to the tissues II. A morbid inclination of the fundus uteri forward.

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