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    Feeds the swine principally with shorts, potatoes, and the slops from the house. This will be found to be also a most unerring criterion of the complaint. Snow in the April number of Health News, the monthly bulletin of the New York State Department of Health, as follows:"In the extra-cantonment zones, the Public Health Service and the Red Cross are maintaining special clinics. Not desiring at present to make a regulation requiring that all stock-cars should be cleaned and dismfected before cattle are loaded into them, I would earnestly request the managers of all transportation companies doing business between the interior and the sea-board to make provision whereby all cars, in which cattle for export are to be transported, shall be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected previous to loading, in accordance with the Arrangements have been made at New York by which one yard, accessible to all railroad companies, has been set apart exclusively for export cattle. The operation in the beginning was opposed by many surgeons, but is now recognized as warrantable in certain cases, except by a few bigoted men. It does emphasize the fact that these glands can get into trouble many times from some infection, whether it is from the teeth, throat, or from tonsilitis, or the grippe or measles. Here, again, the lung is disturbed, alternately being somewhat expanded and allowed to collapse. Tab - probably it will be found sufficient in every instance to apply first a small cushion under the superior part of the os humeri, to push the upper part of that bone outward; second, a double headed roller carried once or twice round the lower end of the os humeri, crossed like the spica bandage between the arm and the body, and carried once or twice round the body; third, a sling carefully applied and well secured to the other parts of the dressing. Dulong proposed to determine the proportion of the two principles of this new matter and its modes of action on other bodies, especially metals. In the eastern part of this region arose the Accadians, the Egyptians, and the early Cretans, from whom all the culture of Europe, Asia, and Africa evolved; and separately in the west the Mexicans, Peruvians, Columbians, and inhabitants of Yucatan, whose advance was ended once for all by the Spanish conquests, leaving only the culture of Accadian, Egyptian, and Cretan origin to supply the world with knowledge. In bilateral recurrent paralysis, there can be no marked dyspnea, but the voice is lost or very breathy and uncertain, and because of nonapproximation of the false cords, the pitch in coughing is lowered, and instead of terminating with a short explosion, it is prolonged, sounding like a hoarse fog horn, until the phonatory leakage is sometimes pulled in front of the disabled one, and pushes it backwards, and the weaker band sometimes lies at a lower level than the opposite one. In some cases there was an accessory abdominal ostium; in others the tube would have no abdominal opening whatever. We believe that small employer insurance reform is possible but it runs the risk of increasing costs to part of the employers in order to make insurance available to more small employers. Measles occurs in wide spread epidemics, being as a rule most common in the spring, though at present there is a world-wide epidemic Avhich began last Sept., and still continues, though abating quite rapidly.


    If the incisions commenced four-lifths instead of three-fifths of an inch from the left sternal border we would certainly miss the internal mammary artery and would only be required to ligate the intercostals. Before the disease can be entirely Sreventea it will be necessary that the line of infection shall be rawn to the Atlantic seaboard and that the same rules be enforced east of the Mississijjpi as were enforced west of it during the last two years. They are based upon the idea that when the lung has once completely collapsed and become firmly fixed the pulmonary pleura has lost its expansibility, owing to inflammatory thickening, so that it will not allow sufficient amount of re-expansion to permit the pulmonary and parietal surfaces to come into contact.

    Most of the organized parts of the disease were very vascular, and beautifully injected with the size injection which When I last wrote to you, I mentioned that Mr. It requires several hours mg to locate donors, collect blood, and then safely process the blood (including hepatitis testing) even under emergency situations.

    Even in the decade our experience is very limited and too small to divide into different age periods. This fact seems to show, that there are different kinds tablet of miasmata in fens; also Dr. This demonstrates that surgical extirpation of the primary focus cannot very well prevent a general infection, for we do not see the patient much before twenty-four or forty eight hours after infection. Thus, for example, dysentery might be due to Shiga's bacillus, to Balcntidiuin coli or to Schistosoiituiii mansoni; liver abscess to a needle or a fishbone, to Bacillus tuberculosis, Echinococcus granulosus or Ascaris tuntbricoidcs.

    Here then a question of od importance suggests itself to the mind, what is the peculiar state of. Brayton has also reported one.

    I obtained the union of this great wound by means 10 of a number of sutures and a uniting bandage.

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