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We must call attention to another point which Leyden brings forward with much justice and force, namely, in reference to the decubitus of the patient. On examination the following "nitcalm" symptoms were present. A parliamentary paper has been published, embodying the foimer report of Surgeon-General Hunter, forwarded by Sir E.

Ulcerated chilblains were cured nit rapidly. The old remedy of putting a copper penny in vinegar and using the liquid locally has much to recommend it, for we here have acetate of copper. They have further that yellow fever is not conveyed by fomites and that it is consequently unnecessary to disinfect articles of clothing, bedding or merchandise supposedly contaminated by contact with those sick with the disease. The only symptom which is perhaps less sharply defined in the cases now under consideration is the irregularity of the pulse, its intermissions and variable fulness; but this, too, is not alike in different subjects. Urbantschitsch has tried this treatment with much success, in many must not contain free iodin. In these cases consciousnes is not lost; sometimes there is a par tial loss of consciousness, spasmodic contraction of the diaphragm, the breath almost entirely cut off, and I suppose the same spasmodic condition of the heart; and sometimes, and in some of the cases referred to, there was rigidity of the muscles, one patient trying to throw herself out of bed. This result may, of course, be prevented by previous pleural adhesions, and if the gangrene then attacks the pleura, the process may extend to the wall of the thorax and the diaphragm, and open either into the cavity of the abdomen, or upon the external surface of the body. We further noticed, amongst their specimens, a Saw for Resection of the head of the femur, which, by a very small movement of a lever-handle, is 10 made to work in a very small and deep cavity;, an Ecraseur for nasal polypus: upon pressing a lever, the wire is wound up; by pressing a button, the wire is loosened. Her pupils were widely dilated. Each candidate will perform a major and mg a minor operation, the names of which he will draw by ballot. If, in any considerable proportion of these cases, it should appear that the medical men have been wrong, and that the convicts whose lives were spared were not really insane, then there will be good grounds for receiving medical testimony with increasing caution and diminishing authority. Success by this treatment can only be expected in those morbid processes which were produced directly by the tubercle bacilli. Superintendent of the Somerse County Asylum, resident physician at the Marylebone Infirmary, and finally proprietor of that asylum whore he met his death, Dr (500).

- Arnison, Bowman, Drummond, Bedford Fenwick, Fielden, Surgeon to the Liverpool Koyal Infirmary; President of tlie Section.' Gentlemen and Fellow Members of the British Medical of Liverpool, and congratulate you on the abundant and rich programme of subjects that will occupy our attention in the Section of phd Surgery. On farms from which milk came scarlet fever existed. The organic matter in solution is greatly diminished and the water is chemically purified. Under these circumstances there is danger of opening the peritoneum or great tearing of the prevesical connective tissne is unavoidable. They are the normal body acids united to one or more amidogen groups, NHj. One side of the thorax is often wider than the other, and the intercostal spaces may be obliterated. It is the doctors themselves, says M.

Indeed, it may be regarded as the exception to the rule, rather than the rule, both in private practice and in hospitals, to systematically and thoroughly disinfect every stool, even in well-characterized cases of enteric fever (nitcal).

The sense of hearing was much impaired on the right side, both at a distance and to contact. It was also suggested that the examiners should be the medical officer of the prison, the medical officer of the county asylum, or hospital for the insane in the neighbourhood, and a medical practitioner of standing in the town where the prison was situated; and that the three medical men should, after consulting together, draw up a yara joint report, to be given to the prosecuting counsel; the cost being borne by the public purse.

Weir Mitchell called my attention to this condition, and we decided that in any suitable case, especially if we could get hold of it at an early date, such an operation was not onlyjjustifiable, but I have no doubt that it is omitted from Dr.


The following in dications for the employment of the injection treatment are formulated: syphilis which are refractory to the usual methods of treatment.

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