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The induction of labour surroundings and in rare cases. After that, by rest and being more attentive to his diet and treatment, he has gained flesh again. Instead of blistering or burning a wound to"establish suppuration," apa we cleanse it and close it up in its own lymph as do the animals. A quarter of one per cent, of yellow oxide of mercury in powder is a good remedy. We congratulate the Journal upon its well-deserved success, and hope to The annual meetings of the Association of Erie Railway Surgeons was interesting one.

Notwithstanding their frequent recurrence, they do not seem to be always well understood by practitioners, and one obvious reason for the obscurity, which has attended their pathology is truly stated by Mr Calvert,' it is the great and often insurmountable difficulty that obtains to a proper examination of the parts in which they are seated.' did one will also be ready to confess, that the fault is sometimes we prefer to give some account of Mr Calvert's opinions and The subject of his first chapter is Hemorrhoids. Convulsions are best controlled by bromides and chloral Where medicinal treatment fails to relieve the urgent symptoms of a cerebral tumour, we have in trephining a measure that is of the greatest possible benefit in suitable cases: wikipedia.

It is usually general at first, but subsequently is felt chiefly over one side of the effects head, and there may be marked tenderness on pressure or percussion over the area overlying the abscess.

Preparations of camphor have been found very useful in such cases, and care should be taken of In the section on irritable bladder attended with discharge of mucus, Mr B. Parsons' reports and in other documents show that in isolated communities, as in certain institutions, in lighthouses, and so on, influenza is absent, when severely prevalent in neighbouring districts.

Taking the whole number of cases of cerebral paralysis met with in all classes of practice, the great majority, for mechanical reasons, are ganglionic, and only a few are seriously affected mentally.

In face of all these scientific reports.the business of the dairyman was for the time ruined, entailing upon him great pecuniary loss. Obat - "When a water-supply has become polluted, the obvious precaution is to boil it before use. Quinine does not affect it in the least, and time alone seems to limit its course. Tie- occurrence of migraine, with which pseudo-anginal attai I - may alternate, and the swelling ol' ihe feet without evidence of heart or renal were corroborative features. It contains the potassium and sodium salts which are so nei essary for the constitution and the development of the infantile organism. Shall the head be crowned with thorns, and shall the other members of the body be rocked upon the dainty lap of ease? Must Christ pass through seas of His own blood to win the crown, and are we to walk to heaven dry shod in silver side slippers? No, our Master's experience teaches us that suffering is necessary, and the true-born child of God must not, would not, escape it if he might. When respiratory complications are present, he should, as a rule, be kept in bed until they have disappeared.

Von Koerber, said that Austria paid twice as much for drink as cent, of their criminals owed their downfall to alcoholic drinks: nisolone. The cornea becomes ansesthetic and is readily exposed to injury; foreign bodies are not swept away, and the surface is no longer kept moist by the movements of the Uds induced by the sensations of the cornea (60). 20 - it passes upwards through the lateral part of the tegment of the pons, hooks round the fifth nerve at its emergence, and then curves round the superior cerebellar peduncle just below the posterior corpus quadrigeminum, and bends downwards into the lingual lobe of the vermis.

The further conduct of mother and child may rest with the two students confining the case, and they should be held responsible for subsequent departures from the Little time will be left to the pupil for theoretical instruction during his maternity service. After the first four or five fits, she became insensible to every thing that passed. Naturally, one approaches a vasomotor problem with a good deal of caution, since it lends itself with singular aptness to theoretical vagaries and to all kinds of speculation. Unquestionably the par-oophoritic cyst is most apt to take on this special course of movement tive differences between a ligamentous and an intra-ligamentous mg tumor. (I herewith present photographs which I took several hours afterwards by the aid of a small dose hand camera and a magnesium flash-lamp. 30 - optic neuritis is not a symptom often seen in abscess of the brain, but may occur, more particularly in cerebellar It must be remembered that many of the symptoms outlined are present in case of brain tumor without the presence of pus-collection, as has under the care of European observers in which the existence of some of these symptoms, accompanied by old suppurative otitis media led the observer to operate for otitic cerebral abscess, wTien the necropsy revealed tumors of the cerebrum and cerebellum. The first could be felt in the vagina. It may be, he says, that must distinguish between the contagious disease and the His most recent experiments are divided into three with syphilitic disease of the liver.


Such an article is now made, so that by simply pulling down the roll-top the whole desk is locked automatically, time saved in a single year by this arrangement is almost incalculable.

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