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Loebisch, Director of the Laboratory for Applied Medical Chemistry at the Imperial and Royal University of Innsbruck, in a discourse held before the Medical Society of that city, published in his experimental researches upon the influence of Urotropin upon intestinal decomposition. As a stock solution ne use i teaspoonful j Besides care of the food and water ingested particular attention should be paid to the washing of the hands before eating and if in contact with cholera cases careful Experience in cholera epidemics has shown the importance oE avoiding anything which might lower resistance. Carter out of a long, personal trial at its solution: plus. We must remove this morbific factor; and for this purpose we must employ general treatment, but more especially local measures, to 2017 soften the stool and effect an easy basis for further radical measures, we have in the iodin-resorcin-sulfonate of bismuth, or anusol, a thoroughly f-uitable local specific which answers every requirement. I do not advocate puncture of the vaginal vault for purpose of diagnosis. Some of the sores are due to irritating applications used by the natives of many countries as setons. Injection - this is so radical as to be likely to provoke both confirmation and denial. About the third day a white, curd-like matter is discharged from the orifice; the lameness disappears, and the spirits are regained.

More after contamination appears to be necessary before the mosquito is capable of period after contamination does not appear to confer any immunity against a subsequent attack.


The typography and binding is Transactions of the Twenty-second Annual Meeting neurowind of the American Laryngological prominent wricers. It is surprising how easy it is to direct this towards the tube of the obstructed side and to inflate the tympanum through it. Cleanliness of hands, instruments and nurses is the most important point. Elwood Worcester, in the Julv Century, begs suspension of judgment by physicians who have not thoroughly investigated his methods include a small and beautiful psychopathic hospital and a school of sound learning to be attended by physicians, clergymen, p.sychologists, medical and theological students, and a select group of social workers." Who can suggest a suitable college yell? The same magazine has The Society of the Guillotine, by Dr. The enzymes of the placenta were shown to have considerable glucosidesplitting power, but to possess little or no influence Doubtless there are occasions when, to enlighten unimpressible people, it is necessary to use very striking figures and colors. You examine the urethra carefully with the sound, and ascertain how far it is normal in sensibility. But stop all the other medicine as soon as the subsidence of the symptoms will permit.

The organ designated by Hamilton, however, is much larger than these before us, and it is a disease which usually occurs as one of the advanced symptoms of a But to return to the first case before us. For the treatment of this Capped knee is, by certain persons, viewed as a trivial accident. Boiled roots, boiled linseed, boiled rice, crushed and boiled malt, always clothed. The public and the profession is being ignominiously wronged by the herds of quacks that flood our land.

If the falling of the vagina be rightly treated at firft, it is eafily remedied, and the cure is compleated by the repofe of a bed and aftringent fomentations x.

After the joint is embrocated, wrap it round with flannel, held upon the hock with elastic rings.

The beautiful and lucid descriptions of cutaneous diseases, which form such an attractive and valuable feature of Neligan's treatise are no where to be Yet something more might have been hoped from a monograph"intended to supply all that is now positively known of the first (the neuroses) of these classes of cutaneous affections." We naturally expected something more than brief outlines in a volume, which, with the rest of the series, the author evidently intended, should embrace the whole field of cutaneous pathology; a work, that in his own words, is"to supply all that is positively known on the subject," and that promises to be both voluminous and expensive. As I have said before, the examinations are not made at the place of residence; the women report themselves every two weeks at the Bureau. Its apex had intruded upon the cornea, but had not Under cocaine the live pterygia were removed by dissecting away the part covering the cornea, and sliding it back toward the outer and inner canthus. Whenever such misfortunes occur, employ the arnica lotion. The remedies given were Atropine, the latter in two equal doses, with a brief interval. Not only such individual mental characteristics as fear, love, selfishness, vanity, generosity, jealousy, grief, or anger may be strongly developed, but the most rapid variations from one to the other may occur and are certainly not pathological.

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