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The physical function of milk-producing demaads a great and continuous flow of blood, for it must not be forgotten that milk is blood, so to speak.

Conthuie this for three or four days, when the danger of eating them will have passed.


The following directions must be strictly carried out. It is said" the seats are nearly black with age and give a most venerable appearance to the small apartment, which is wainscoted with curiously "nervz" carved oak. The patient died, and although he probably would have died anyhow I believe he would have had a greater chance to live if not operated on. While attending to this poor woman, an imperialist soldier was carried in with his arm shattered. They have a pale face, a dull eye, moistened with tears, an uncertain look, and a physiognomy without expression. People generally grow fat because they have ceased to worry quite as much as they grow cheerful because they have become corpulent.

The racks should be low enough for the tsheep readily to get the fodder without reaching too high, and below should be a receptacle for catching the waste. The elimination of the unfit by evolutionary processes has no doubt reduced the death rate from tuberculosis and the virulence of the infection: but such processes are too slow to be relied on to solve the problem. Tnere is no ground for this fear, unless it be in measles; and even in this complaint, there is no danger if lukt-warm water be used.

Beam Named to Try Out New Drug The Food and Drugs admini.stration has limited its use to a few outstanding physicians with adequate facilities and competent in 300 experimental work until its value can be established and its dosage standardized When asked his opinion of the drug. Fracture of the Collar Bone, or Clavicle. The coils wliich distended this young woman's abdomen were not probal)ly more than a yard long, and everything else in the abdominal cavity was collapsed. I am not speaking now of coarse and unreasonable luxury, but of the refined and delicate ease of life and sensibility in which so many advantage and a grace, beyond this a dangerous effeminacy. The sleep should be taken at regular hours, and daily exercise in the open air be insisted upon. These lectures commanded large audiences, and, doubtless, the object had in view by this branch of effort at Ning-po has been to some extent gained.

We do not want hundreds, but thousands of cases, in different years and different seasons, in order to get to a final conclusion. This that by which some of his highest triumphs are achieved.

The weight that has been attached to this subject, and the influence it has had upon methods of treatment of this angle as met with in normal arms, or of its utility and the importance, therefore, of preserving it, the" gun-stock" deformity having been considered to be due to the ordinary methods of dressing the injuries under discussion, not a few surgeons have been led, on tliis ground alone, it would seem, to employ and advocate a method of treatment which places the forearm, extension. When dull, it is the body of the organ which is suffering. Other species of hook worm which affect sheep, dogs, cats, foxes, man, and other animals should not be confounded vnih the species that affects cattle. Sometimes the disease runs rapidly through a flock, destroying the greater part of the birds in a week, or it may assume a more chronic form, extend slowly, and remain on the premises for several weeks or months. On the morning of the fourth day the patient's appearance had changed sufficiently to attract attention and upon inquiry it was learned that she had a slight chill during the early morning.

Extravasation of Blood in the Penis. A double-barrelled "nervz-g" colostomy is made by bringing the sigmoid through a left muscle-splitting incision. Of a few (lays, the patient is not improved, give Opium, China, Calcarea, Causticum, and Svdphur in the same way. But when poor food and unhealthy surroundings have led to the condition, it may be removed by placing the patient in a dry, clean and well ventilated stable, giving a generous and nourishing Mix for one ball, morning and night. Among the symptoms of malarial cachexia arc lever wholly irregular, skin ollen yellowish-brown, spleen may or may not be enlarged, anemia, debility, frequent sweatings and a 100 certain amount of edema, tumors, neuralgia, palsies, vertigo, wakefulness and nervous palpitation of the heart, to.xic neuritis, joints and voluntary muscles often are quite painful. This is anodyne and astringent, and is useful in diarrhoea, etc.

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