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With the provisions of chapter seven hundred and forty-two of the laws of eighteen hundred and seventy-one, as regards the duties of the bureau of combustibles of the city of New York, or any other statutes not conflicting with this act, provided that nothing in this act shall be deemed to interfere with or supersede any regulation for the inspection and control of combustible materials in any city of this State made and established in pursuance or special or local laws or the charter To amend section eight of chapter three hundred and' twentytwo of the laws of eighteen hundred and eighty, entitled amended so as to read as follows: State Board of Health to examine into nuisances affecting the security of life and health in any locality, and in such cases said Board of Health shall have all necessary powers to make such examinations, and it shall report the results thereof to the Governor, within the limits of time prescribed for such examination and report. Walker, James B., South New Berlin. If the resistance offered by the external ring is greater than that of the canal itself, an interstitial hernia side results. In it the Doctor anxiously inquires where the modern impositions on the vocal guardian of medicine as well as of music, I make no apology for offering a few observations on a subject which is just now agitating the minds of our English brethren, viz., It is well known by all who have examined into this matter that within the last hundred years the pitch has gradually risen nearly, if not quite, a whole tone of the musical scale. I deem it one of the duties of medical specialists toward the profession to add from time to time the results of their researches to the general stock of information, and to endeavor, so far as possible, to make special knowledge and skill common property.

The cough is hindi nature's effort to accomplish this work. The Chloride of Gold and Soda in pill, one twentieth of a grain each, three times a day, is also thought to be beneficial, in the same way.

The piihlic would doctor's fee sometimes paying, wc take it, more for his patent medicines than tlie pliyslcian's advice and prescription combined would amount to. The descending aorta contained an elongated clot, occupying nearly half the calibre of the vessel. In the third case, the composition remedy E roved equally successful.

Her health has very much improved during the treatment. I also took treatment from physicians in Rochester, New York, Philadelphia, Jersey City, Binghamton, and received no benefit from them: neorelax. With this condition the microscope shows more or less dilatation of the straight tubes, distension or morbid occupation of the associated blood-vessels, and disseminated intertubular suppuration, the distribution of which is regulated Passing to detail, and taking the straight tubes first as the parts of the organ first affected, these as they converge upon their outlets tablet are often strikingly dilated apparently from the backward pressure of the retained urine. By analyzing the tears shed by a lady afflicted with diabetes, not only was sugar found in them as was expected, but in the course of my experiments the discovery was made for the first time of the characteristic crystal of diabetic sugar, which had been figured in the Ai-chires of Medicine, Beale's works on the Urine, the Path. The cthmoidalis passes tliroiigh tlie etiimoid opening transversely inwards to the inside of the skull, and then forwards on the lamina cribosa of the ethmoid bone, through the anterior foramen cribosum near the crista galli into the nostril, there dividing into three twigs, one of which comes out on to the slvin of the top of the nose from between the under edge of the nasal bone and the cartilage. A very interesting chapter is given to the consideration of the capacity for exercising effects civil rights.

It should also be remarked, that, for the most part, the most fatal seasons in a series of years, are such as have whilst, on the used other hand, the periods which experienced the lowest mortality in a in advance of that of highest temperature.


That it has a favorable effect upon existing ulcers, is evident were it only by cleansing the suppurating surface and preventing the formation of crusts. As it regards the excision of tumors, it will probably, in a few instances, be completely successfal, and in for many others sulficienlly so to afford a good pretext for avoiding the use of chloroform. If it does not cause vomiting in fifteen minutes, give a in second dose. The Cincho-Quinine is, also, an effectual remedy, is less bitter than Quinine, and costs about one-third less.

This disease never exists during an epileptic attack, in which the course of the attack alone gives perfect certainty concerning its true nature. The dedication is to Von Graefe, and from oculist's name, as well as other German authorities, throughout the volume, it must be regarded as rather a German than an have been the originators of almost all the great modern advances in the therapeutics and surgery of the eye. Mix; and make a solution; then add Nitrate of Potash (Saltpetre) one hundred and forty grains, Arsenite of Potash three hundred and twenty grains. Rather violent reaction follows, which however is easily controlled by iced applications; free suppuration follows, and the cavity generally closes in about three weeks.

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