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After a year of this he went to sea, and did not again take up typing for some six years, when he entered an office as typewriter, but was only engaged working the machine for two or three hours daily.

TcceiTo tho blood from the lunga and the rest of i and very fleshy parietea, which fcnd it to the lungs and to every part of the body. In each case the result is obtained through paralysis or stimulation of the ganglia and nerve endings in the intestine.


It first reveals itself by the presence of bile-pigment in the urine at the end of from twelve to ab thirty-six hours after bile has ceased to flow into the bowels. The precipitate is then dried at a gentle heat. The salts must be finely powdered and Ay. The strong double-bellied muscle, which forms the gixxard of birds, is also called Digaetrieut, of being digested. With water then cause vomiting with teaspoonful ground mustard and abundant draughts of warm water, give strong tea or coffee with milk demulcent drinks stimulants, apply mustard poultice to the stomach, wash with Spirits Camphor or vinegar, arouse the patient, give plenty of fresh air artificial respiration. It is an operation which is forte attended by some dangers. Spiller has already referred to, in which on successive occasions sections of bone were removed from the cranium. Then he opened with a scalpel what he thought was an abscess cavity, but try as he might with needle, knife, about or forceps, he could find no evidence of the abscess. The mnscular deficiency had never been recognized. It traverses the vault of the itccupying tho middle and upper part of the face, itr.iting angularly, a more or lejri prominent line, besidca itsboneStof fi' - r?.

Nevertheless the total amount of urea discharged daily is tablet often fully up to the normal standard. Ea s Oeckeoce'le fiatulen'ta, Empkye'ma Scnii, bably a case of intestinal hernia, oontaining much'resemblance.' Full of air; apparently full of hypogostrium, obscurely sonorous, with wind occasionally discharged through the os uteri. The patient improved for a few days after the operation, then gradually lapsed, until on the thirtieth day after confinement she was as had as before the operation. The scent is found beneath the skin and near the navel of the animal, which is not larger than a greyhound, and is often caught in snares though it is usually hunted as they do hares. It is formed by tho petrous portion of the temporal bone, and by the occipital bone, and lodges the origin of the internal jugular vein. When toxicity appears, the drug must be reduced to safe levels and therapy sup plemented In other anticonvulsant (lines efficacious in this type of seizure. The organized teaching of clinical bedside medicine and of basic sciences is now an essential feature of medical training. By distillation of various kinds of liquors. These are sachet the cases that are operated upon merely by opening the abscess, washing out and draining.

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