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The stools still numbered six to eight daily, and were deeply bile AKDERS: THE TOXIC FORMS OF JAUNDICE. He believes that rice may be related to beriberi as the vehicle and not the cause of the infection. Bilateral Parotiditis among the Insane, with a Detailed Account of Five Cases." Each of these cases, it is shown, has several points in common with the others.

The diseases of domestic animals it was thought very proper to add, both in an economic and pathologic aspect; for the loss of domestic animals has been great to the State, and the prevention therefore a matter of grave concern in some counties, and the connection between the online diseases of the human family and onr domestic animals is yearly becoming understood. While the trunk is more nearly of the normal length, the extremities are too short, and the skin and soft parts here seem too large. He wrongs the dead who thinks this marble frame Was built to be the guardian of each name: Whereas,'twas for their ashes only meant; Their names are set to guard the monument. The amount of farm exIierience required ranges from one to four years, with two years as the typical requirement. Leucocytes gave the following result (eosinate): seen, of which three were megaloblasts. Where such organizations do not already exist, the well-trained public health nurse with organizing ability finds little difficulty in forming such groups because women are eager for information concerning the care of children, prenatal care, home care of their sick, personal hygiene and hygiene of the home and community, first aid in common emergencies, and the like, and men are quick to see the advantage of this type of education. A fine garden, delightful arbourt, a. On opening the skull it is noted that the incision through the frontal bone bleeds freely. We have already endeavored to impveBs this cirenmBtance Btronfly in a former part of this article, bo that it ie Bnfficient it IB only necoBBary to confine the patient to bed, to keep the apartment cool, to prescribe occasional aperients, cooling drinks, and abstinence from animal food, so long as there is any fbbrile indispositicm.

Physiologie dea See, also, IVicaise price (Edouard). The number of deaths occurring during the year was nineteen, all of this class of disease; leaving it to be inferred, either that no other diseases originated on the island, or, if otherwise, they were very curable. Occasional demonstration work is required, and field service is-offered in club work and in adult extension activities.

This retinal purple is, it seems, a fluid secreted probably by the layer of pigmented hexagonal epithelium, though by no means certainly, which is decolorized very rapidly by white light, and with less rapidity, varying according to the color, in colored light. On cystoscopic examination the urethra, vesical neck, and trigone were much congested, and the right ureteral eminence, which was redder than the rest of the bladder, also had a streaky appearance; it was larger than the left eminence. Stomach; fecal vomiting and death in three days. As stated last year, we have felt that it was best not to appear too often in print, but to wait until we had a real need for publicity before asking for newspaper space. The Faculty are well qualified to discharge the duties of their respective Chairs. The wound healed without the formation of an urinary fistula.


Powder - tlie following evidence was given upon the witness stand, in substance: up to about five months before the killing moved in the very best circle; populai, gay, handsome and a member of the Methodist Church, waited upon by most of the young men of the place, until numbering about five a week; that he was with lier upon nearly all public occasions; gave her many beautiful presents, and was engaged to marry, the time fixed and then postponed; that her trunk was packed iov four consecutive months, immediately proceeding the he ordered her to leave his house immediately; that she was bitterly upbraided by both father and mother, and that she left and took shelter with a married sister; here she was still seen by the deceased, whose attentions did not abate; and further, that he pledged his honor tcr marry her, that he promised this to her sister and her husband, faithfully to perform it, just as soon as he could go to Baltimore, arrange his business affairs and return; that he would marry her and take her out of Lumberton in twenty-four hours thereafter; that this was accepted as final by the prisoner, her sister, and her sistcr'd husband; that the deceased then took an affectionate farewell of her and left; that in three or four days she received a the meantime she was twitted with her condition, by her mother and sister and doubts expressed by them of the fidelity of the decoased, which caused much depression of spirits with the prisoner; but that slie never doubted his truthfulness; still, at the very mention of probable unfaithfulness, she would fly into most violent rage, tlireats to destroy herself were made; on one occasion seized declaring that he was her only friend and that he would come back and fullill his promise; tliat in three or four days more she received another short letter as before of a cheering kind; and still another of like import; and that then, unexpectedly, without warning, a days, but not to see her; that she was false, base, and had no further claims upon him; that if sho persisted in her claims he would take steps to show her false character, and that henceforth she"need not look upon him even in tlie light of a friend." This and all the notes and letters of affection from him to her were read in court. Sometimes arsenic had a remark able effect upon these cases; it could be given internally, as by subcutaneous injection, or used as a paste or ointment. Without a thorough knowledge of the anatomy of the normal joint it is very difficult to understand the different forms of dislocation, and of necessity equally difficult to apply the proper treatment.

And that abnormal repletion of the veinous system takes place in the brain, lungs, and other organs, but to a more conspicuous and fatal degree in the portal circulation. There is also the possibility that chemical purification may destroy the substance most useful to the It is impossible in this brief discussion to cover the field of Endocrinology related to gynecology so only a few of the more common conditions have been chosen. Patients will only be received by the hospitals on recommendation of their physicians, and will only be kept in the hospital while they are under their physician's care. A bill intituled: An act to amend the pro acts relating to lunatics.

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