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    The Fort Wayne College of Medicine held its dispatch states that the testimony in the Tewksbury investigation reflecting on the Harvard Medical Society will receive due attention before the investigation closes, and some interesting scenes are promised at the State House. HEUSTQN, Ovvirig to the late revolutions and counterrevolutions among the nations of Europe which have followed each other in such quiek sueeession, of which -'the end is not yet,"' the leading periodicals of Great Britain have become invested with a degree of interest hitln r o unknown. The contract to provide that the work shall be commenced within the earliest practicable time, and completed within thirty days from signing, otherwise the contractors to be subject to a stipulated demurrage in case of default. The following legal holidays were observed: Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's, Memorial, Independence, and Labor Days (mucogenicum). As the war closed the number of mobile units reached the neighbourhood of Dental officers had to devote time to paper work which they would have preferred to spend on treatment.

    Kirkwood from a former patient whom causes he had treated some ten years before. Opium, are not usually classed as opiates.


    Even direct violence to a nerve needs to be excessive in order to produce the latter condition. TTiere remained some local tenderness and a sense of stiffness in the feet, but this gradually disappeared, and he has since experienced no ill-efiects of the bite. I nevertheless present them as early experiments herein, knowing that they will create curiosity and induce others to follow my footsteps in the use of the X-rays in laryngology. An exchange system was instituted whereby nursing sisters served in units other than their own, learning new ideas on treatment and gaining much experience in specialized fields.

    : (a) The action of the thyro-cricoid muscle. Lord Horder once told me that he was the first consulting physician appointed to meaning the honorary staff of St.

    They must know the It was believed that a description of the individual in functional terms was possible and an accurate appraisal of the strength, stamina, and potential abilities of every recruit could be accurately assessed, and the individual fitted into the army job to which There was also a humanitarian side in army employment. Address taking for his subject" iSstheticism in Medicine." Letters from various absent members were read, expressing their regrets at not being able to be present. I'm sorry that the protocols and guidelines that we adhere to don't allow us to leave patients at home. These developments were initiated immediately upon the formation of application of modern methods of machine tabulation and the development of standardized forms for securing the basic information. The book will probably prove rather ill-suited for the modern medical student, as one is struck by the author's preference for broad statements, rather than for recording briefly scientific facts. The authors are not able to decide whether the particles pass into the lymphatics through stomata, or whether they pass between the lining endothelial The fourth paper deals with the function of the omentum in absorbing inert particles. These otwervations cannot, we think, be dbposed of by mere negations.

    Each drug was employed in a given with a little simple syrup and water, while insoluble remedies were prescribed with a few grains of We will now proceed to analyze these results, taking the drugs used in their alphabetical order.

    With his background of pathology he turned mucogen a bit toward internal medicine, working with Dr. The proof that following typhoid fever, due to infection with the typhoid or a paratyphoid bacillus, there may be a spondylitis, opens up a suggestive question as to the etiology of spondylitis in general. Another example has been reported of the way in which British army surgeons are treated by the officials of their department.

    Ball stated, was written by President "mucogyne" Glenn Frank of the University of Wisconsin, a tax supported university.

    I will relate, however, in their place, a fact that occurred in our own island, afflicted our unhappy country, the plague made, in many places, its ravages.

    In two he had had vesico-vaginal fistula, which became apparent after some clays and was due, he thought, to too tight packing with gauze. The bed must be kept one or two days, not longer; and the perspiration must not amount to sweating.

    I know all this, and I can only say, that prevention of a different description (such as I find it amongst youths of an atliletic habit and a sanguine temperament), venesection is my leading remedy.

    In his recent work on Ovarian and Uterine Tumors, Mr. Of Brooklyn has sent a communication to the pastors of churches having bells warning them that there is a sanitary ordinance which expressly prohibits the ringing of large bells in such a manner as to become a prejudice or peril to the life or health of any human being. Frequently the disease is preceded by throughout the anterior gray substance and at the base of the posterior horns are dilated, increased in number, and surrounded by sheaths of proliferated cells. The empirical treatment consists of the mutagenesis use of mydriatics, foreign proteins, systemic treatment, heat, tuberculin, etc. THE VALUE OF EXCRETION UROGRAPHY AS ILLUSTRATED BY SOME Excretion urography, while still a comparatively new method of examination, is at this time fairly well established (drug).

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