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    I am, etc., William Michael Whitmaksh, Fellow of the Obstetrical Society, London; Late Resident KoTAL College of Suegeons of England. The cartilages of Wrisberg were either very minute and rudimentary, or wholly wanting, in the white race; whilst they were large and well developed and always present in the black or coloured races. Skowron, M.D Cherry Hill President and President-Elect, New Jersey Academy of Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology also are Consultants. A similar outcome has been met with in the neck in many instance though of course not to as frequent a degree as in the axilla. Here I daily introduced the wooden plug; but, after its removal each day, I made, by a small bistoury, a puncture about a line in length, in the dii-oction of the uterine cavity. Total ivant of exercise will enfeeble the muscles; as, when a limb is long confined in walk steadily without constant guidance by sight, is among the Spasm is of three kinds: tonic, clonic, and choreic. Ointment - the pressure in the gallbladder was too great to be held by operating. Rapid improvement in all symptoms the astereognosis, ataxia, and external rectus paralysis had completely disappeared, the retinal haemorrhages had become absorbed, and the elevation of the optic vomiting had entirely subsided, and his general health price health and able to walk about the wards and corridors without assistance other than the guidance required by a blind man in order to avoid accidents. Slowly melting and swallowing ice will probably do more good. Small doses of opium are also useful in maintaining the capillary circulation. When the outside coating is connected with the earth, and the knob placed near the prime conductor of the machine, the inner and outer surfaces become respectively positive and negative. The head of the bone rests on the pyriformis muscle, between the sacro-sciatic ligaments and the upper part of the notch, a little above the level of the middle of the acetabulum.

    The currently prevalent view is that a battery of such tests constitutes a valid predictor system, with some exceptions, and that positive results from such tests provide useful supporting evidence to long-term in vivo tests in An important advance in carcinogenesis studies has derived from the development of in vitro techniques, and that is their applicability to human tissues and cells in culture. By following the plan I have laid before you, if the patient dies, it will be rather from a negation of treatment than from any other cause: the treatment will prove unsuccessful, simply because the disease went on unchecked by it; and in such cases it is often a question if, by any known plan of treatment, such a result could have Now, in the particular cases under consideration, a manifest check to the advance of morbid change took place immediately the treatment was begun, and the signs of resolution followed very speedily; and I have already alluded to the curious fact, that the resolution in both cases was established on the same day of the disease, the treatment having likewise commenced on the same day a fact which seems very much to indicate that the treatment had a good deal to do with the early In estimating the value of this or that mode of treatment in any given disease, we should ascertain what are the natural tendencies of the malady to recovery or to death. The face assumes a pinched, anxious expression. Complement fixation and neutralization tests for the demonstration of antibodies to measles virus have been standardized in this laboratory.

    He commonly uses iiie local paper, but occasionally sends to the paper of a near-by city accounts of his prowess, in professional or other lines.

    Its power of supporting combustion shown by immersing in it a candle with a red hot wick, which is instantly relighted; or by the burning of fine iron wire, or of phosphorus and sulphur, in it; the compounds which are always thus formed are termed either oxides or acids, according as they do, or do not, possess acid properties.

    To what influence could this salutary change be traced? It ai-ose from the development, it might almost be said simultaneously, in many minds, of the fruits of more extensive observation. As to the probable cause of the fistula, it seems not uni'easonable to attribute its origin to the little fragment of plumstone ijassed in the early stage of it.


    One blowing souffle was heard distinctly by the vaginoscope. L'pon being reassured on this score she has not paid much attention to her ailment (moxigram). The dust thus observed was collected in an ophthalmic hosijital, where sulpihate of copper was largely used as a caustic. Chewing; they should not consist of substances requiring to be given in large doses, nor of salts which are deliquescent or efflorescent, although the latter may be rendered fit, by first driving off the water of crystallization by heat.

    The lungs do not become inflated during the strong inspiratory effort producing the whoop; for not only is the rima glottidis spasmodically affected, but in all probability the whole of the ramifications of the respiratory tree participate in this morbid action; for, during that period, if the ear is applied to the chest, no rhonchus or respiratory murmur is heard, except for a moment between each cough. Drop - one can readily follow the tense cystic duct as a guide to the common duct, when the gallbladder is gently pulled My first cholecystectomy was performed for a gallbladder filled with stones, no bile whatever beino- present; and complicated with stones in the common and hepatic ducts. While the symptoms per se may mean very little, when taken in connection with the general appearance of the patient, the fact that the anjemia, emaciation and loss of strength are out of proportion drops to the mildness of the symptoms, will point toward a serious state of afl:'airs. If the patient is to rest upon his knee, the stump should be short, in order, to be bent at right angles.

    After cicatrization a truss must be worn to prevent a return of the protrusion, though occasionally the operation produces a radical cure. A" spiritualist", some such as those dreary people now in vogue in London, advises, fmm some suspicion of the" faculty" and chiirvotimicc, that chloroform be on no account used, as it is tempting Providence to abolish a natural agent,"pain".

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