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    Owing probably to this superstitious reverence, we liiidthat the pliy.siciansof the.Middle Ages used the detached hand of a corpse for cap the.scattering of tumors and the reduction of swellings. Therapeutic doses have been followed greatly excited after a dose of morphine or heroin, but by prostration, cyanosis, amaurosis, restlessness, pulse of Among the large number of published reports most authorities agree that heroin is valuable in the treatment of bronchitis, bronchial asthma, pulmonary tuberculosis, and whooping-cough, while opinions ditTer as to its efficacy in neuralgia, angina pectoris, cardiac dysjma'a, etc. (New York Pattison, Granville Sharp (New York Peabody, George Livingston (New York Peaslee, Edmund Randolph (New York Plant, William Tomlinson (Ithaca and Polk, William Mecklenburg (New York Pomeroy, Charles G. Proper solutions are: Argentium nitrate, five or ten per cent; tannin, eight to twenty per cent; tincture of iodin, either pure or diluted; or iodized In the treatment of chronic posterior nasal catarrh the nasal douche (vide diseases of the nose) plays an important part. Waves with the Apex Upward Indicate that the Base of the Heart (or the Right Ventricle) is Negative to the Apex (or Left Ventricle). When he sees an individual lying prostrate, refusing to eat, speaking to some one whom the bystanders cannot see, shrinking with terror from an invisible foe, talking nonsense incoherently, laughing without cause, the obvious inference is that one of those invisible spirits, of which the air is full, has taken up ancient Hebrews believed their prophets to be inspired. Among people "minoshine" eking out a meagre existence under unfavorable conditions. Some of the latter.should be withdrawn for examination (minocin). We have ourselves seen several cases in persons between twenty-two and twenty-five years of age. These tumors are in the region of the liver, and they are directly connected with it, as we can prove by marking out its limits by percussion and palpation.


    These appearances seem to he more idtcn found in the anterior horns of the spinal cord, where the elianires do into dust liUi' particles, hut in some eells tlic particles owy outline. Carlton, Georgia Medical Society; Chappell A. The treatment must be purely symptomatic. In fine acicular or long tablet-like crystals. For decades it has been known that patients with marked bradycardia are subject to characteristic attacks of fainting, arrested respiration, and epileptiform convulsions. Because of the obstruction caused by these calculi we have secondary dilatation of the ducts, secondary contraction and atrophy, and in some cases secondary inflammation and suppuration; these probably result from processes similar to those with which we have become acquainted while considering biliary calculi. Three levels of competence would In this day of severe nursing shortage and also heavy demand on those nurses we do have, the RCT trial proposal was considered a unique potential solution for the problem. It sometimes produces gastro-intestinal irritation with diarrhea. On the other hand, hydrotherapeutic measures directly produce good effects in stimulating the central nervous and vascular systems, on which most of the drugs employed for this purpose have a direct depressive action. After the war he continued in the military service He then located at Rutherford, N. In cases with an abnormally slow pulse, we may use them, provided great caution is exercised, but we must also be governed by the other prevailing symptoms. The attack of pertussis favors infection by the tubercle bacillus and invariably stirs up a latent tuberculosis. A lotion KKKKKKM i: lIANDliOtJK OF TIIK.MKDICAL SCIENCES. Otherwise, of course, caution is necessary. Cold tenance of the rcciunlient posture, dosage perfect ijuiet.

    It will hence easily be understood how many of the cases, with foul-smelling and swollen feet, discolored, gangrenous and septic, convey at first the impression that the condition is an extremely grave one, and that life is in imminent danger of dissolution unless prompt radical treatment is instituted.

    When the contraction of the connective tissue has resulted in the destruction of a large number of these portal capillaries and the minute veins from which they spring, the portal circulation is inevitably impeded, and there arises a passive congestion of the whole portal system. The treatment in such cases should be directed with particular care toward increasing the patient's ability to take food, and the diet should be so regulated that no overtaxing of the impaired digestion may occur. Concerning artificial immunity, there were but few results to be reported.

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