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    On the other hand, I am now convinced that the periodic use of a mercurial, and the employment of phosphate, sulphate, and salicylate of soda, with a tumblerful of hot water each morning, as well as insistence upon a dietary largely of fermented milk, as matzoon or koumyss, is very important, not to say essential, at times. Long, slender rod, at one end of which appears a swelling due to the (tablets). Colostral antibody to rabies in cattle vaccinated with HEP Colostral antibodies to rabies in cattle. Sensations in the left hypochondriac region extending toward the epigastrium, epistaxis, marked constipation and persistent vomiting: software. The cause of the ravenous appetite is probably to be found in the defective temperature assimilative processes. The microscope discloses the presence of tube-casts, threat micrococci, pus- and (more rarely) blood-corpuscles. Vaccination is not claimed to be an invariable and permanent preventive of small-pox, but in an immense majority of cases successful inoculation renders the person for many years insusceptible. Mild counter-irritation thermocouple at the angle of the jaAv by means of iodin or slightly irritating embrocations is helpful. Among other remedies prescribed for their supposed parasiticidal effect minor are arsenic, mercuric chlorid, and alcohol, but they are clearly inferior to creasote in this therapeutic role. In "india" some cases the tremor is absent. Stout persons apaq-hrf bear saccharine diabetes better than lean.

    Specimen leccrd cf popular spotted antaracnose (Spbacelcma) Systemic development and persistence of Sphacelotheca i Prevalence and pathogenicity of Sphacelotheca reiliana Suppression of corn head smut by in-furrow applications of Screening sorghum varieties for resistance to the covered Some biclogical observations on Pbilanthns politus Biology of Isodontia (Hurrayella) mexicana in trap-nests A survey of the neotropical species Chlorion On the subfamily Astatinae, part II.

    Sporadic cases occur in all parts transmitter of the world. He was brought to the hospital, and we find, on knee examination, a well-nourished boy with good color, highly flushed, with a pinched expression, tongue coated white and dry; lying on his back with knees drawn up, abdomen tympanitic, but very little distended and firm, with more resistance on the left side, but on deep palpation the pain appears on the right There is some dulness in We have here a case of evident peritonitis following a rupture of some viseus, either an appendix, appendix epiploica, or the intestine or stomach. Pediculosis Pubis, This form results from the pediculus replacement pubis, or crab-louse, a minute, gray, translucent insect. With Directions concerning the Immediate Treatment of Principles of Surgery and Surgical Pathology. Versuche zur Beeinf lussung von Acetylcholin, Meguvon und Asuntol durch Atropin (Experiments for influencing The influence of a sub-acute infection of polyhedrosis virus Effect of endrin and trichlorfon applied in artificial diet against larvae of sugar-cane borer Diatraea saccbaralis Ostrinia nubilalis Bubner, injurious to globe artichoke in A comparison of the toxicity of insecticides fer the control Effect of chemicals as herbicides alone and in combination Determination of trichloroacetate when incorporated in an The phytotoxicity and persistence in soils of benzoic acid Effect of inhibitors and herbicides on tricarboxylic acid cycle substrate oxidation by isolated cucumber mitochondria.

    CARDS OR SLIPS FROM THIS POCKET. On the other hand, many cases have been reported in which alarming symptoms, formerly spoken of as iodism, but now recognized as symptoms of thyroid intoxication, have occurred, and especially when inor-t iodin had been given in large doses or injected into the gland. Wells, was the first to notice the connection between the organic lesions of the heart and rheumatism; his observations have since, been amply confirmed by a number of acute rheumatism and pericarditis have a common cause, very frequently. Susceptibility of coturnix quail to certain disease producing agents common to poultry. Pellets of ice should be given noel to allay thirst. Total - idleness is productive of despondency, which adds to the danger of eclampsia But should albumin be found in the urine, the entire aspect of the case is changed. Department of Botany and Plant Pathology Purdue Agricultural Ezperiment Station, Lafayette, Ind.

    Rapid break-down of body tissue is, of course, ordinarily extremely harmful, especially when protein tissue is being destroyed; in one of our leukemics, however, we observed the interesting phenomenon of rapid symptomatic improvement, occurring coincidently with tremendous acceleration of protein tissue destruction, while in the other leukemic, whose extremely little influence upon metabolism, the destruction of tissue was scarcely at all excessive, and, as death approached, tissue break-down not only did not increase but appeared to grow progressively less. Our explanation of the underlying conditions is as follows: Normally, strychnine is, indeed, eliminated through the bile into the intestines, but only to be reabsorbed, and to be gradually and finally eliminated through the urine.

    Elytroderma ayceliua in the phloea of Ponderosa pine.


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