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Soon the vs centre of the pigment patch takes on a pale whitish color, circular or ovaUu shape, due to absorption of the retinal pigment, and this reaches the size of the optic discsometimes a little smaller, sometimes larger. In chronic cases there is sometimes produced a white, soft, custard-like material, which can be scraped away in considerable quantity from about the caecum. The changes which the cerebral mass has undergone are not discoverable by our senses, nor by any tests which we are at present able to apply. By virtue of its irritant properties, also as a stimulant to healthy pump action in wounds and sores. Thus we have in the first polar body four chromosomes, two in the second polar dobutamine body, two in the female pronucleus, and the spermatozoon brings in two more, making a total of ten. Frost, for manslaughter, has been forwarded from New York, but it is too voluminous for republication in this piace. He remarks, in the first number issued under his supervision, that"the task has fallen upon him suddenly and unexpectedly." A man of his high attainments, however, can never be taken by surprise, and we shall look, with much pleasure, to his editorial progress. The neurasthenic never dies from his malady, but whole families are literally sacrificed to it, for he demands their care and consideration with a jealousy almost insane.

In peritonitis the pain is more continuous, and is less like that of coKc; it is increased, rather than relieved, by pressure.

Then the normal maximal The polyuric action of chlorids is characteristic of diabetes insipidus interesting that we found the same excessive polyuria and quicker elimination of sodium chlorid not only during the polyuria but, by employing larger doses, after an apparent return to normal in dogs the first day eliminated his normal chlorid.

Later he Avill very often point to it as immediately in the region of the disordered appendix.

General life heat of the body; very little relieved entirely on the second day. Half - in recurring Coryza: had regular periods of exacerbation. This is of apprecial)le thickness, and projects above the surface of the tongue. The clinical picture in sheep, is described by Melchert as follows: the animals when approached by men or objects, give a short wheezing sound, which is produced by the violent stortuatory expirations; this is accompanied by stamping with a fore leg. Hence it is contrary to the rules of medical etiquette, and highly empirical, for any physician to pretend that he treats diseases differently from other members of the faculty. Fears are often entertained of the transfusion of various cutaneous diseases by vaccination; but these are for the most part groundless.

The cardiac apex was in the normal position, and lactate the heart sounds were normal.

Inability for thought: Kali "iv" phos. Biss' patient had had ample opportunity for getting better, but had not done so; hence he thought the surgeon was effects called upon and justified iu attempting further measures. Morgan, of the Aberdeen School (drug). Diarrhoea may be considered under two categories. One single category dose of the insane exhibited a notable increase, viz., the inventors, who still continued numerous until the period of the Commune. Upon inquiry the stable boss admitted that he had given a ball and that the animal acted very strangely afterwards. Countenance pale, pulse feeble; is accompanied by his wife, a healthy-lookingwoman, who says he has lived badly of late, and has a slight discharge from the urethra, which he cannot account for, but which he has often had before. This mass on its basis is surrounded with a white circle, the sclerotic.

The number of idiots and cretins have, on the other hand, slightly increased as compared with the ccnsng de Medecine a copy of his Uapport sur les cas de Rage Humaitte qui ae side sont produits dans le Departement de la hydrophobia which have occurred in Paris during the tliree been tried had, as heretofore, proved useless; but the vigorous action of the police in regard to stray dogs had Russian Medical Journals some interesting figures in respect to the number of cases of alcoholism in the St. Its yield of oil is ordinarily less, and this is usually not quite so fine, though it is the ordinary commercial sort. Types of all representative breeds of horses, cattle, sheep and swine are maintained on the college farm and the practical instruction offered is most thorough. This law I apprehend, first introduced mercury into the fever practice, and it is a fact, that if the proper mercurial action can be produced, the cases it is extremely precarious and doubtful to produce this proper mercurial action; and there are many cases in which it cannot be induced at peculiar habits, it will operate as a purge.and throw the liver into bile-creating convulsions, like a blister plaster on the very liver. Wallace surely does not mean to maintain that a fish, as usually understood, and about which he maintains that an erroneous assertion was made, really can fly; he can only mean that it would have been wrong to deny that a fish might be found with so largely developed fins as to enable it to spring from the water and for a time fly through class the air. He finds that the cramping pains are usually in the feet and calves, that the symptom is Kmited to cases of severe strangulation, and is most common in adults.

Smaller doses are said to be tonic, to improve the appetite and digestion, and to.strengthen the heart's action.


I recommended him at this date to change the muriate of iron for the carbonate, and to continue the shower-bath and the injection.

Denis, the deaths in following table shows the influence which age has on the development All descriptions ol' maliguunt growths.

While we must say that he went too far in his contempt of microscopic examination, it was refreshing to listen to his outspoken ridicule of arbitrary standards of purity the normal chemical composition of the waters in any particular geological area must first be known; that any appreciable deviation from this local standard indicates the addition of something from without; that since in practice the pollution always consists of mixed organic matter, and the organic admixture is inevitably accompanied by inorganic substances; and since these can be estimated quantitatively with precision, while the former assuredly caiuiot, and are, moreover, more characteristic of the particular source of pollution, it is obviously safer to take as our guide the whole of a fixed and definite, than an unknown part of an uncertain and ever-changing substance: uses.

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