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    Recording' LABORATORY REPORTS ON HISTORY"When the reports are returned to the hospital they are copied by the resident physicians, nurses, or a special clerk to the histories of the patients. On the other hand, two cases in a similar condition collapsed after the use of gum salt.

    Practically none of these cases died, so the pathology is in the psyche and is not a somatic one. Fiir die Gesammte Ther., There is little if any evidence in clinical experience tending to, confirm the claims advanced as to the curative merits of the salts of silver and gold, of ergot, of arsenic, or of the many other vaunted speciiics which appear in the older literature of this disease. Other rings, of a more circular form, are substituted for the oval ones in breech cases. And also with a view to Wassermann and other tests, but in rei)eated attempts only a few drops of fluid contaminated with l)lood were obtained. Dermatitis, scarring, soreness and tenderness. They also are actively concerned in certain of the phenomena of immunity. If the abdomen has been traversed the case is not so clear, and most probably the standard 500 paramedian incision is best in the first instance. The pacemaker associated with deep respiration, and believed that the changes might be divided, first into migration of the pacemaker within the sino-auricular node or its immediate neighborhood, and second, migration of the pacemaker from the sino-auricular to the A-V node. Precautions; Since varying degrees of urinary hesitancy may be evidenced by elderly males with prostatic hypertrophy, such patients should be advised to micturate at the time of taking the medication. No clotting oeenivs, yet the bronchioles contract and the blood pressnre shows a marked fall.

    Lateral or oblique fluoroscopy of the chest is very important, especially when the patient's diaphragm is immovable. Clinical manifestations, however, when present, depend principally on several factors, namely, the size, location and nature of the growth, and particularly its relation to the pyloric region of the stomach.

    1g - as is the case with other solid organs, the kidney is liable to extensive rupture. It, of course, shows the presence of albumin in large amounts, and in some instances the presence of biliary pigments may be detected.

    All cases of chronic cholecystitis, chronic appendicitis, chronic ulcers of the stomach or duodenum showed indicanuria in. For this reason a brief survey of the methods available for temporal studies of thecardiac phases is presented.

    Or slightly raised the diastolic pressure.

    The indication for an amputation can only be decided if one is in touch with all the modern resources capable of assuring the preservation of wounded, diseased, and deformed limbs.

    Pernicious comatose remittent, in which inj it is of importance to obtain a rapid and powerful action of thi of the following solution: Hydrochloride of quinini in these desperate cases with much success, injecUDj directly into a vein five to seven grammes at a time ho.states that whereas with hypodermic injection th intravenous injection it was reduced to G per cent. Present in about one-sixth of the cases.


    So far as we know, it has not occurred in natives of the United States. Major and expensive job, but it their cooperation and assistance it would be impossible of Hungary, has had a distinguished career in medicine, education and communications. Further investigation, however, is necessary to show to what extent the degenerative process interferes with the aeration of the blood and the manner in which the body adapts itself to the the functional dead space are increased, while the vital capacity is much diminished. Six drachms have proved fatal in one Study of the influence of male fern upon the blood and tissues of rabbits. Gas gangrene in the muscles of the loin and in the perinephric haematoma caused death The chief causes 1gm of death in injuries to the kidney and per cent.

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