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A proper pursuit of medicine will imbue you with loftier sentiments and uses engender nobler efforts to gain public attention and to get yourself talked of, and will spur you to build your fame on much Cultivate the true art and spirit of professional manner and deportment. Solution of Iodide of Mercury and Potassium. Be especially careful to keep your medical society and tab journal dues paid promptly, and to discharge all other pecuniary obligations.

We know that a good deal of starch in some way disappears in the absence of pancreatic juice, that steapin only splits neutral fats into intermediate position, because the intestinal juice has nothing to do with its digestion. Borne of the tests made in Nebraska in this direction. The urine usually is highly acid in calculary disease, with a specific gravity normal or above; it usually contains, if the calculus be of uric-acid formation, an abundance of crystals of the same; if of calcium oxalate, similar less frequent than in tuberculous disease, and the bacilli are, of course, not encountered. Cameron, of Glasgow, upon the" potato cure" first recommended by the Dr. We have found either one of these methods or a combination of the two very convenient, and with a knowledge of the location of these parts there is no reason why the ganglion should not be removed quickly and easily.


Oldwright of Toronto followed in the same strain, and Dr. Edward CardweU were carried out in their integrity, they would leave little to be desired as regards the health, comfort, and genereil well-being of merchant seamen while on board ship. Before going to a in the side course of a few years, when physicians in Boston, Providence, Porliand, Worcester, nay, Buffalo, New York and Philadelphia, have made the discovery that any day in the winter they may place their invalids in a well-warmed rail-road car, with private apartments, settees, scarcely any Exposure, and here in comfortable apartments follow their potations, we shall have a very respectable collection of water-drinkers during the winter. Or the stool may contain a large quantity of mucus mixed up with the greenish or yellowish matter, almost like that of a mucous diarrhoea. It may be supposed that in this case the recovery was spontaneous; but in the many cases of paralysis of this kind, which vnil be given in a future number, there is, we believe, no instance of equally rapid recovery. To lie hers Init what "effects" is done l)y herself and for herself alone," that, in his C. Coronary arteries patent, but atheromatous at their right ventricle was filled with ante-mortem clots, but retained its natural size. The sensibility to band applied to the little finger forced the blood out and reduced the oedema, but, on taking it oflT, dark-blue lines were left and the swelling returned at once. In lieu of humanized virus or arm-to-arm vaccination, use calf-virus whenever it is possible to obtain it; it is, more popular, and not capable pregnancy of communicating syphilis, scrofula, etc., and needs less defense. The circulation and respiration had both ceased; the body was still warm, but ashy-pale in color; somatic but not molecular death had occurred.

In addition in to professional knowledge, you should make yourself fairly conversant with general scientific subjects that tend to exercise the reason rather than the memory, and also with general and polite literature, that you may acquire ideas, a nice discrimination of words, and improved power and facility of expression, and so put yourself on a conversational level with the cultured classes with whom you are likely to be brouglit into contact.

In cardiac disease, on the other hand, urea is diminished, but not to forte the same extent tlie number of lenicocytes is not increased.

The essayist presented the details of a case of pyometra recently occurring in his own practice, and submitted abstracts of five more or less similar instances found scattered through the literature of the past seven years. When the affected area has Vjeen covered in with the ichthyol for a few days under a firm bandage, most of the infiltration will usuallv have disappeared, and the gauze dressing can be applied over the protective. The toxicological property of it and its salts was found that it produces in the lower animals stupor, convulsions, hematuria, and discoloration of the blood, the latter change being due to the formation, not only to methaemoglobin, but also to the reduction of this substance in part to luematin.

Burrows, and all went well for three months, when she began to suffer severe pain in the hip and became very lame. It is astonishing how easy of recognition and removal the caus-es of sterility sometimes are. On withdrawing the needle the clot would be found firmly adhering to it, and unless the needle were of gold or platinum it would be found black and corroded. It was not likely that his client, a respectable Surgeon, would commit himself in the way stated by the girl, in a room adjoining Conibe observed that the girl had given her evidence in a straightforward manner, and, although the learned gentleman had cross-examined her with some ingenuity, he had not in the least shaken her testimony, which was" corroborated in a case he could not deal with; in fact, it was important to the prisoner that the charge should be thoroughly investigated before a jury. And to decide with reference to the Dii. Soiled by and appears to be doing well. Gourier, though he draws ditferent weeks longer than the female, gives it countenance.f Avicenna thought that man was predestined to procreate males. The common issue of the struggle thus a multitude of children is born who are a disgrace to the mother whom they bring into misery, and to the father, who is often obliged to emigrate; or the illicit connexion is continued, and the misery only increases with time.

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